Meaningful Memorial Service Ideas

Meaningful Memorial Service Ideas

"Funerals are a time for retelling and strengthening the stories, keeping the stories alive, thickening them, giving them more detail. The more stories, the more different words, the more different sides of someone that you can build pictures of, the more richly the person will be brought to mind."

~Bill Logan, at a funeral celebrants conference in
New Zealand, 1999


While it may seem difficult, the most comforting and spiritually healing activities during a memorial service or life celebration are those that encourage the sharing of memories.  To help honor your loved one, here's a handful of memorial service ideas that will also help with the sharing memories and stories.

Meaningful Memorial Services 101

During this difficult time, it helps to rely on your friends to create and organize the life celebration memorial activities. Having a meaningful memorial for your loved one will help with the grief and will help celebrate your loved one's life. And, its important to capture the stories and memories in a memorial keepsake so you will have something to help you through your grief, a family heirloom and a tribute to your loved one.

 Memory Table

Display photos and memorabilia of your loved one on a table at the memorial service. Share the stories behind the photographs. Invite your guests to write down a favorite memory of your loved one.  Combining these stories with photographs in a beautiful album makes for a great memorial tribute and keepsake. To help, we provide a complete kit with everything you need to create a beautiful and sophisticated version of this memorial idea.

Photo Video Tribute

You can create a slide show of favorite photographs of your loved one to be shown at the memorial service.  Share the photographs with your loved one’s favorite music which you can have this playing during the wake.

Memorial Guest Book

By collecting friends and families' memories of your loved one in an album, a classic and elegant memorial guest book is created.  This is a unique alternative to the traditional funeral guest book or register.

Photo Memory Book

Have a professionally bound photo memory book created from the photos and stories of your loved one. Display this at the memorial service. And easily reproduced for multiple family members, this keepsake is an archival family heirloom.

Personal Tributes

You can create a custom personal tribute such as a collection of your loved one's favorite and best recipes. Give these to friends and family at the memorial service.  If your loved one was a hobbyist, display some of their work at the memorial service or make a little booklet of some of their work.

Personalized Memorial Service

Your funeral director has many memorial options to help you pay tribute to your loved one, and they will help guide you in the process of making this event special.  You can personalize the memorial service with your loved one’s favorite music, quotes and sayings.  And there are many poems and scriptures available on the internet to be read at the memorial service.

Memorial Tributes to celebrate the life of your loved one

Grieving families and friends share in the tribute and celebration of a loved one lost; keep the words, memories, and kind thoughts in a keepsake that will last forever. It is by doing this that healing begins. Keep the memories of a lifetime and share them for generations.

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