How to Add Photos to Paper Page Albums

How to Add Photos to Paper Page Albums


Paper page albums are perfect because they are flexible, archival and easy.

Flexible in that it allows you to show your album just the way you want it – orienting the photos, placing other keepsakes, and even drawing/decorating the pages.

Archival in that acid-free/lignin-free (archival quality) paper page albums take better care of your photos/keepsakes by keeping degenerative materials from prematurely aging your photos.

Easy in that adding photos to your album can be quick and easy with the proper tools, shown below.


So, how do I get photos in paper page albums?

All these photo album accessories and adhesives make it easy to add photos to a paper page album – and they are archival quality to protect and preserve your photos for generations.


Photo Corners

Photo-Corners Photo-Corners2

Slide the corners of the photos into the corners, removing the photo corner from the liner.  Eyeball/mark the page where you want the photo to go, place the photo on the paper page and then press the photo corners in place.  Make sure the photo corners are snugly prior to pressing them down so the photo doesn’t have much wiggle room.


Photo Sleeves

Photo-Sleeves-1 Photo-Sleeves-2 Photo-Sleeves-3 Photo-Sleeves

The easiest, best and most flexible of the photo accessories.  While being archival, photo sleeves completely cover/protect your photos from finger prints.  They allow flexiblity in placing your 4 x 6” photos either landscape or portrait orientation.  Simply slide the photo in the sleeve, remove the liner from the back of the sleeve and press on the page.


Photo Dot

dot runner






Little glue dots have never been so cute and fun!  With a miniscule amount of adhesive touching your photo, roll the mechanism about 1/2″ long on the back of your photo – one center and in each corner.  Then, press the photo into place.  Non-yellowing dots are archival and strong to last generations.


Photo Mounts

Photo-Squares Photo-Squares-1 Photo-Squares-3 Photo-Squares-4

Photo mounts are two-sided adhesive squares, allowing you to place the square on the back of the photo yet remove the liner later for placement.

Great option for photo guest books where you want to preselect where the photos will go.  To do this, determine where you want your photos to go and place the photo mounts on the pages, keeping the liner on the front.  Ask your guests to remove the liner and press the photo into place.

photo-guest-book-stepb photo-guest-book-stepa photo-guest-book-step Polaroid-Guest-Book


Roller Tape

Roller-Tape Roller-Tape-2 Roller-Tape-3

Super easy and fun, these roller tapes apply a micro-thin layer of archival adhesive to the back of your photographs.  Simply press and roll the applicator on the back of the photo, flip and press in place!


Tape / Glue

Almost all of us have this on hand!  While there are many scrapbook and archival quality options of double-sided tape and glue, it is so important to select tape and glue sticks that are archival quality.  Not all adhesives are archival quality!  So check before you use your household supplies.  And, no wet glue – it’ll warp your photos!


We hope this guide helps you make great family keepsakes with lots of photos and memories kept!

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