How to make a Wedding Guest Book Keepsake

How to create a meaningful keepsake and guest book at your wedding:

1. Invite your guests to share their memories

Leave fine stationery cards and pens out on the table and invite everyone to write down their personal message to the bride and groom on the cards. Ask them to share a wish, favorite memory or "what love is." Collect the message cards in a fine collection box, vase or basket.

2. Add the cards to the keepsake Album pages

Weave great wedding photographs in with the stories and memories from your guests. It's easy to complete your guest book by quickly peeling the liner on the back of the cards and applying them to the pages of your archival album. You can create this after your wedding or ask your guest book attendant to complete the guest book during your event.

3. Display your guest book from your wedding on a shelf or table in your home

Your keepsake guest book is beautiful enough to be a table top decoration. Make your wedding guest book inviting by displaying a great wedding photograph from the wedding day in the front cover's photo window.

Tips on Creating your Guest Book at your Wedding

~Display photographs of the bride and grooms courtship on the table for decoration and to inspire.

~Have a few trusted guests write their message prior to the wedding so that other guests will have examples to go by. This will also ensure the guest book is being created in the style and tone you want.

~It helps to frame (8 x 10 is best) a handwritten or typed note instructing your guests to leave a personal message. This is a beautiful way to help your guests create the guest book at the wedding. And it will help the guest book attendant.

~By having someone responsible for the guest book, you can relax and enjoy your event. And you will be sure to have the treasured wedding keepsake to be created how you like.

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We've hope we have inspired you to create a meaningful guest book for your wedding. We can personalize your handmade guest book wedding. In creating your wedding keepsake, you can expand your guest book for your wedding with an expansion pack.

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