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Gift Ideas For Mom and All the Mothers in Your Life

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

When coming up with Gift Ideas for my own Mom and Mother-in-Law for Mother’s day I realized just how many moms are apart of my daily life. Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating your mom, but also your wife, grandmother and all of the special ladies who have nurtured and guided you in your journey through life. Coming up with the perfect, unique gift for each important woman can be challenging, to say the least. That’s why I have rounded up the ultimate list of Gift Ideas for Mom and all the MOTHERS in your life.


Gift Ideas for Mom:

It’s your Mother and a gift for your mom should always be thoughtful and personal. All Mom really wants is to be loved and appreciated on this special day. Skip the flowers and give her a meaningful gift that will keep on giving her joy day after day.


There is nothing like printing out your photos and putting them into an album. Family photo albums are a dying art in the digital age, being replaced by Facebook albums instead. Give Mom the biggest surprise by printing out all her favorite (recent) family photos to include her growing family. My Friend Court custom painted one for her mother, but if you’re not up for that challenge, get your item personalized with a custom crest or family name with our embossing options.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for your Wife:

Not your mom, but Mom to your little ones, take this day to salute her for raising your children and to remind her of the woman she once was, and (still) is. Show her how fabulous she is with these luxurious and budget-friendly Gift Ideas.

  • Let the woman sleep (in). She probably would enjoy (and need) this more than you could know. Offer her breakfast in bed, or the option to slip out unnoticed for a Starbucks trip alone.
  • Then, surprise her with a massage at a local spa. If she doesn’t have a favorite one, check sites like Groupon or Trip Advisor for the best deals and reviews in your area.Gift-Ideas-For-Your-Wifegift-ideas-for-mom
  • Lastly, get your wife a custom-made Journal or Weekly Jotter to make her every day a little less chaotic. *Bonus points if you include a Target (or her favorite store) gift card with a sweet card of appreciation!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Stepmom:

Stepmoms often get a bad wrap and are met with negative thoughts- but in this day in age, the modern American family is often blended and composed of step parents, step and half-siblings and multiple sets of grandparents. Your stepmom isn’t expecting anything extravagant from you, but rather just a nod of appreciation and feeling included on this special day for Moms. Get your her a personal, yet playful gift and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to her face.


Help your stepmom feel truly loved and a part of the family with this Inside Out Leather Photo Album. An original design and custom order for our sister company Claire Magnolia and a perfect design to symbolize the bond between a blended family. Print out pictures of the family and include little notes, memories, and tokens throughout the album.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Mother-in-Law:

Mother-in-laws are a special breed of mothers and I don’t think that anyone would argue with that. Be it the best relationship with your Mother-in-Law, or one that leaves something to be desired, it’s important to make sure your mother-in-law is recognized and feels important and not replaced by you.


Take her out to brunch alone and gift her a Leather Writing Journal customized with her name on the front cover (or Mom). Write a sweet token of love in a card and thank her for raising such a wonderful spouse for you. A small gesture and token of appreciation will go a long way with your Mother-in-law.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Grandma:

Grandmas are the best and can not be forgotten about on Mother’s Day. She did a lot to help raise you, always had the best foods, the best advice and was always there to slip you a few extra bucks when Mom wasn’t looking.

Bring a smile to Grandma’s face with a brag book for Mothers Day.

Gift-Ideas-for-MomA mini leather Brag book is perfect for Grandma. Get your family name embossed on the front, or even one for each grandkid and fill with all of Grandma’s favorite pictures! (Have the kiddos include a little drawing to fit into the front cover, Grandma will love that!)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your ‘New Mama’ Friend:

Be it, your best friend or little sister, this *new-mom* will be so surprised and truly touched by your thoughtfulness on this (new to her) holiday. She didn’t (literally)  give you life but her friendship certainly gives you life (figuratively). What this momma needs, is something to make her (new) life as a mom a little easier all the while reminding her of who she is (human) and that she is totally killing it at this whole ‘mom’ thing.


Encourage and surprise your new mama friend with this adorable recipe box! But of course, don’t stop there. Fill the first couple of cards with the numbers to local take-out places. A bonus if you include the menus! This is a cute and humors way to remind her it’s okay to just call it a day and order the pizza! No pressure to be Betty Crocker all the time (or any of the time, if you don’t want). Also, include her favorite bottle of wine. Then spend the rest of the day ordering take out, watching Netflix and letting the kids make a mess, in the other room (out of sight, out of mind :P).

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Honorary Mother:

Your honorary mother could be your best friend, big sister, a former teacher, mentor or the co-worker who took you under their wing. This is the woman who opened their hearts and arms to you (repeatedly) when they didn’t have to. Show her you appreciate the nurturing guidance she given you with a small meaningful gift this Mother’s Day. Like these adorably illustrated notebooks and a fun pen to go with!


No matter your budget, a small gesture or token of appreciation will go along way with these ladies in your life. Also, don’t forget to search Etsy for one of a kind custom gifts for Mom.


Vintage Valentine

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

I have a deep love and curiosity for all things vintage, including and especially Vintage Valentine’s. I just think everything about them is sweet and romantic. The old illustrations and sweet, timeless sentiments of Vintage Valentine’s make my heart swoon.

We’re all about preserving the old, honoring it and holding on to timeless traditions (hence the old school bookbindery that we are), so when a coworker had the idea to do a little ‘renovation’ (if you will) of an old family album that is slowly falling apart, we said let’s do it!


The look, the smell, the feel of this album reminds me of being at my grandma’s house, sitting on her shag rug carpet digging through old pictures and listening to stories of the ‘good ole days’. I love looking through old pictures, documents, and nic-nacs to see how folks used to live, dress and spend their time. It’s fun to see how things have changed, yet also nice to see that some things never will



For this project, we decided to use an ‘almost black’ soft leather to create a hand-sewn album with thick, torn watercolor pages. Mimicking the esthetics of the original album.

As you can see, this album served more as a scrapbook, than just an album for photographs. Our thick watercolor pages are perfect for adhering baby bracelets, locks of hair and old school certificates to last throughout the years to come.

We get asked ALL the time if we print pictures or put together albums for folks and well, no- that is not a service we offer or plan to offer in the future. But we are passionate about book binding and making heirlooms to withstand the test of time for you to house your beautiful printed photographs for a lifetime.

I am thinking about putting together a blog post to talk about the ‘anatomy’ of an album.  How to put together the perfect one, which pictures to included, what to use to insert your photographs safely and how to make it feel unique and still flow well. Let me know if this would be something you are interested in and any other tips I should include. Putting an album together the old fashion way is easier than you think and it is such a fun little walk down memory lane too.

Let me know if this something you would find helpful and if there are any other tips you think I should include. Putting an album together the old fashion way is easier than you think and it is such a fun little walk down memory lane, too.

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