15 Best Refillable Notebooks & Journals for Back to School


The best refillable notebooks to get your school year started off right, year after year! These hand-made, leather refillable notebooks are available for personalization and will last you for years to come!


It may only be the beginning of August, but here in GA the school year is gearing back up and we are in full on prep-mode, with all things back to school and FALL!

The beginning of the school year always feel like the start to a fresh, new year, so why not start the ‘year’ off right with some new school supplies.

Below are 15 of our Best Refillable Notebooks and Journals for you to choose from!

15 Best Refillable Journals + Notebooks + Sketchbooks:


Refillable Leather Journal  :

Like our other leather journals, these refillable leather journals will only get better with time. The crisp white, lined pages make this the perfect writing journal for taking notes in class, in meetings, or using as a space for your personal thoughts. Each Leather Journal comes with one journal insert, but Journal Refills  are available for purchase as well.




Leather Refillable Composition Notebook :

composition book refills

The composition book is a classic and will stand the test of time. This Leather Refillable Composition Notebook you will have you looking like the sophisticated scientist that you are, showing up to chemisty lab with this! Each order comes with one, standard composition book and leather cover, that has a tab on the side for your pencil/pen!



 Leather PadFolio: 

The leather padfolio will take your standard legal pad to new levels. It will have you organized and ready for all the meetings in your day! Leather bound, with natural linen lining and leather pockets to hold the essentials.


Refillable Sketchbook Leather Cover ::

Sketchbook Refills 

This refillable sketchbook leather cover will be an artist’s favorite! It is handmade and designed to fit the standard sketchbook. Each one is sold with one sketchbook insert, but the refills are available for purchase as well. This leather cover is sure to age beautifully with its natural leather and ware-and-tare an artist is sure to put it through!


 Braided Leather Spine Journal

journal refills 

Pictured here as a writing journal, the braided leather spine refillable is sure to be a head turner! Handmade with its detailed design and avaiblable for personalization!



Leather Braided Wrap Journal 

Marketed as a journal, but available to be made as a sketchbook or composition book too, the Braided Wrap Journal is a chic take on the traditional leather wrap journal. Available in a variety of leathers and ready for personalization!


 Leather Notebook Spiral Bound Refillable 

If a standard spiral notebook is your jam, than this is the leather refillable journal for you!



Refillable Italian journal : 

The classic leather wrap Italian journal, now avaible in refills! Available in two sizes and two leather options for you to choose from!




Leather Handmade Refillable Journals : 

Similar to the Italian leather journals above, but these have pockets! Also available in two sizes and two leather options to choose from!



 Rustic Leather Refillable Writing Journal: 

This leather writing journal will last a life time, and get better with age. Avaiable in five different leather options and come in the perfect 5×6.5″ size for you to take everywhere with you!




Rustic Composition Book Cover: 

Another design for the classic composition notebook, this Rustic composition notebook cover is a stylish way to stay onto of it and organized this semester!




Leatherette Refillable Notebook: 

Our second sspiral notebook option, the leatherette comes in various sizes and three color options, including a fun shade of pink! 


Rustic Leather Sketchbook: 

A sketchbook cover to last a lifetime, this rustic leather sketchbook will have you feeling like the professional artist you are! Available in five leather options and comes with a sketchbook with 216 blank pages.



Rustic Leather Pad Portfolio: best-refillable-notebooks_blue-sky-papers

Another stylish option for your standard legal pad, the Rustic leather pad portfolio comes in five standard leather options, pockets and secure leather flap closure.

Foxy Fix Traveler Notebook : coming soon!!!

Email: Service@blueskypapers.comfor info. on pricing + ordering.


These are all of our best refillable notebooks, which one was your favorite?! And don’t forget, all of these are available to be personalized!

Emblem Examples You can Add to A Blue Sky Papers Book

Below are emblem examples that you can add to any one of our Blue Sky Papers’ books. Adding an emblem to your book is a great way to add your own personal touch.

With over 50 emblem options to choose from, combined with numerous book and material options, you can create a one of a kind book by adding an emblem to its cover. Personalizing your Blue Sky Papers’ journals, sketchbooks, albums and guest books with a line of name personalization in addition to an emblem will truly give you a unique book!

Adding one of our emblems to your book, will give it a semi-custom feel. However, you also have the option of having a custom metal die made for your book. This process requires a little more work on your end, and a little more time on ours, but it is totally worth the attention to detail!


Guest Book Emblem Examples


When it comes to guest books, you can keep it classic and go with anyone of our traditional ‘guests’ emblems, available in Serif, Modern or script and in a variety of foil options. Or you can choose something more cheeky, like ‘welcome’ or ‘Mi Casa’, perfect for a guest house or vacation property.



Celebration Emblem Examples:

Celebrate the milestone with a semi-custom guest book! Choose your emblem, and add a line of personalization to remember the good times and who was there to celebrate with you!


Nature Emblem Examples

We offer a variety of  nature emblems that are great options to tie in details of your event and/or environment. The mountain range emblem is perfect for a cabin guest book or vow book for a wedding in the hills!


Gold Foil Tree — Gold Foil Butterfly — Copper Foil Antlers — Mountain Range Emblems


Navy + Silver Foil Sea Oats Emblem


Pewter Foil Shell Emblem

Floral wreath + frame Emblem Examples

A floral wreath or frame looks beautiful as is, but an edition of a monogram really makes it pop! From guest books to Vow Books, the floral wreath and frames look great on them all!


left: Copper Foil Floral Wreath Emblem — Right Top: Gold Foil Vintage Wreath Emblem — Bottom right: Silver Foil Laurel Leaf Emblem


Left: gold foil vine emblem    right: copper foil weath


Gold foil vintage wreath

Other Emblem Examples:


copper foil heart emblem


silver foil cross emblem


Blind embossed Military emblem


Blind + pewter foil embossed Mandala emblem


Calligraphy monogram emblem