Personalized Corporate Gifts – Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

Personalized Corporate Gifts for employees and clients. Shop Handmade Christmas Gifts and leather goods from Blue Sky Papers.


It’s that time of year again, when everyone starts making their list and checking it twice…the holidays!!! Gift giving is fun, especially when shopping for family and friends, but shopping for employees and clients can be a different story. You don’t want to be the boss to give a thoughtless, generic corporate gift, or heaven for bid, a (massed produce) angle food cake. (Seriously, don’t do that!)

Today, we’re sharing with you custom leather gifts that your employees and clients will actually use and love. All of these gifts come in a variety of leathers and our Blue Sky Papers leather journals, and accessories are available for personalization, too. These Personalized Corporate Gifts are as unique as the person it’s for!

Personalized Corporate Gifts

If you’re interested in ordering your Personalized Corporate Gifts from us, follow the links in this blog or feel free to reach out to us at

Leather Book Marks


Leather bookmarks are available in 3 types of leather: Oiled, Nude, and Snow. These leather bookmarks look great with a blind embossing of a small company logo, or an initial of the person you are gifting it to.

Leather Pocket Notebook


The leather pocket notepad is the perfect pocket sized gift. These leather notepads are made in a variety of leathers and available for personalization.

Leather Keyfob


This leather accessory is a timeless gift for you to give nearly anyone. Add a personal touch to it with an initial embossing. Available in 4 different leathers. To order, email :

Leather Refillable Composition Notebook


The classic composition just got classier with our leather refillable composition notebook. Great for foil embossing your company logo and available in all of our soft leathers. Make it personal by adding name personalization in the corner!

Leather Padfolio Notepad


Our Leather Padfolio Notepad is the perfect gift for teachers, coaches and business women & men. Emboss the cover with your company logo and name personalization for thoughtful touch.

Leather Notepad


A twist on the checklist that will look stunning on your desk. Customize the leather cover with your company logo or name personalization. To order, email :

Corporate Logo & Personalization Embossing

Email us at to get started with the custom dye ordering process for your leather embossing.




Bullet Journal Calendar Plan with Me November 2017 – Blue Sky Papers Art Journal VLog

A Bullet Journal Calendar Cover page creation in my Blue Sky Papers leather Sketchbook to finish this year strong. Plan with me this November in this new video.

Hello November,

I cannot believe it is already the second to last month in 2017! November is one of my favorite months, as this is when the leaves start to change, and it feels like ‘the calm before the storm’….the storm being all the craziness that the holidays and end of the year bring. With only 61 days left in this year, it is time to sit down and reevaluate your life….hehe okay, not really. But it is a good time to review those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year and check in where you’re at with them.

You may have met some of those goals, or maybe you let them fall to the side a long time ago. That’s okay. The year isn’t over yet, and you can still set good intentions to finish your year out strong. You may not have time to train and run that marathon, but you can still finish a book or two, and sign up for that yoga class you were going to back in January but never did. (Just do it!)

Use your sketchbook as a place to journal, reflect and plan. With the blank pages there is plenty of room for you to draw, write and paste in little bits of inspiration that will keep you motivated through out the month. Make a Bullet Journal Calendar cover page each month, to set your intentions and to help keep you motivated all month long.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Keep it simple and pick a few small ones that you can accomplish this month. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘blank canvas’ and the pressure to make your page pretty either. JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT. Let yourself be inspired. If you are having trouble getting started, just print out a calendar; paste it in and then college in other things that interest you to create an inspiration Bullet Journal Calendar cover page.


I taped in Polaroid pictures I took, little flowers and a page from a poetry book that I like. I included some watercolor and doodling in mine, and tried to keep with the theme of ‘fall’. I had a lot of fun (and it was very relaxing) making these pages, and filmed a little video to show you my process.


Below I am including a list of the products I use in this video, incase you’re interested.

If this video is something you like, let us know in the comments, give the video a thumbs up on youtube and in the meantime, we will be dreaming up more content for you!