Travel Journal Ideas, Tips and Travel Size Art Supplies

Have you ever considered creating  a travel journal to keep record of your travels? It is a fun and creative way to archive your memories and something that you will treasure for years to come. Today, we’re sharing with you our favorite tips and supplies for travel journaling.


Keep it Simple

You don’t have to be a professional artist or scrap-booker to create a beautiful travel journal. You can add Polaroids, postcards, other mementos, and souvenirs from your trip to your journal. Including little notes, doodles, embellishments, and details to finish off each page. Anything- such as postcards, plane and train tickets, luggage tags, city maps, museum tickets, or food and candy wrappers, be creative!


Make a Cover Page

Creating a cover page for your destination before take off will set the tone for your journal and trip! It will also encourage you to commit to journaling the rest of your travels.

Choose a theme or image inspired by your destinations to adorn your page. You could also attach your plane ticket here (you know, after boarding 😛 ) if you aren’t one for drawing or doodling.



Map It Out

Creating a map of your destination is a fun way to document your travels and get to know your destination. Include places you plan on visiting, important landmarks and other interesting facts like national holidays, flags, flowers, birds etc.



Create A Packing List

Illustrate or list out your packing list to keep yourself organized, prepared and inspired! Not only will this help you keep track of what you take, but help you in planning outfits and in packing less too!



Illustrate Funny Faux-Pas

Be it abroad or domestically, when traveling to a new place there will be ‘mishaps’. At the time, (sometimes) awful- but looking back, often funny! Record these moments in your Travel Journal now, and laugh about it later!



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5 Unique Ring Box Ideas for a Non-Traditional Wedding

Choosing a unique ring box for your wedding day will make a statement and sentimental keepsake for years to come!

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite unique Ring Box Ideas for you to consider on your special day. Including links to shop!

1. Hidden Gem Box


How could they say no with a rock like this?! This D.I.Y. ring box is sure to make a statement. Make your own Hidden Gem Box by hinging two geodes together or if you’re not up for the task, search etsy for similar creations like this.

2. Book Case Safe Ring Box


Everyone loves a good love story, but yours will always be your favorite. The Ring Box Book Case is the perfect way to start a new chapter in your life. This secret book will get your rings safely down the aisle and look great on your self later. Available for purchase here.

3. Something Old


A vintage pushpin needle box is a charming vintage vessel, perfect for your precious rings. Look around your house, parents or grandparents homes for unique little trinkets to transform into a ring box. Consider thrifting a treasure to find something truly one of a kind.

4. Leather Satchel


This simple D.I.Y. is a great way to incorporate handmade details into your wedding. A leather satchel will add a charming and rustic feel to your wedding day.

5. Antique Keepsake Box


A timeless token begins with quality materials and classic design. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with choosing an Antique Keepsake Ring Box. You could borrow an item from a generation past, search antique markets or look online at places like etsy or Saint Signora for unique vintage finds.