New Leathers in Limited Quanties for albums, journals and more

New Leathers are HERE and we are so excited about the new leather we recently launched in our shop. We typically shy away from adventurous colors, not because we don’t like them, but simply from a buisness standpoint you need to be strategic about these things. A lot of work and even more time goes into sourcing just the right materials for our products.

Leather is durable and stands the test of time, but it is also a natural rescource, therefore, limited and expensive. It’s not like you can just walk into any old craft store or fabric shop for samples.


This past summer, Courtney (boss lady) attended a leather tradeshow in NYC to gather leather samples and meet new leather vendors from around the Globe. Coming home with new leathers samples is fun but also just the begining of the process. Before purchasing leather, we need to decide which product the leather will be for, what does the thickness of the leather need to be for said product, how the texture of the leather will play into the design of the product and lastly, which color(s) will go best with our brand/line and work well on the product. After all that, THEN, we can place our order. If the leather is coming from say, Italy- this whole process begining to end can take a few months before we ever have the leather hide in our hands.


So if you’ve seen our catch phrase ” Bound With Love” – this is what we mean and you can know that our books truly are handmade and bound with lots of love. A lot of thought + care goes into each and every step in the process of making our prodcuts.


The coolest part has to be seeing it go from hide – to product – to a book a customer buys and fills with their precious memories!


Because these leathers a limited, don’t hesitate on ordering because once they are gone, they are gone for good! Currently, we have 4 new leathers listed Pale Blue, Teal Green, Navy Blue and Lavender Fog with one more color coming later (hint: think pantone color of the year 2019). 


Theses leathers are avaible as colorful leather brag books and Colorful Leather Journals for writing. 


DIY Valentines Day Gift with the Leather Love Journal

DIY Valentines Day Gift are the best because they are made with love and come straight from the heart! It is also a cheap gift alternative to an otherwise made up holiday! I sound like I don’t like Valentines Day, but it’s the opposite, I love- LOVE and Valentiens day. BUT I do think it should be a bit more simple. Like, how it was when we were kids. We handmade thoughtful little glitter hearts for all of our little friends and the teachers we loved at school.


My husband and I both have birthdays near Valentines Day, so we usually opt for a chill night in (our tradition is to make a heart shaped pizza) and either skip presents all together or DIY Valentines Day Gift for one another. This year we are going on a big trip for our birthday, so we are forsure DIYing it this Valentines day.


I thought it would be cute to use the ClaireMagnolia leather Love Journal to take a trip down memory lane and write out our “love story”.  Accompaning each story/memory with pictures I printed out on my polariod printer. The longest part to this DIY was finding the pictures and printing them out. I used colored photo corners to easily secure the pictures in place and wrote a little memory on the oposite page.

This journal is small, but big enough that I have plenty of room to continue to add to our love story through out the years. The love journal comes with the foiled emboss heart already, but you can of course add personalization to it too, intials would be cute!