Happy First Mother’s Day – Heirlooms and Gifts for New Moms

Happy First Mother’s Day to all of the Mommas out there! Motherhood is a series of first, so make this first Mother’s Day a memorable one with a sentimental gift she’ll love.


While flowers and a card are the traditional ways to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day, giving the gift of a keepsake is one that will continue to bring her joy for years to come.


A Baby’s Book Time Capsule

They grow up so fast, and while you can’t slow time down, you can try your best to capture it.


An archival photo album keepsake for baby will hold all the precious moments from trinkets, to photos, to first haircuts and newspaper clippings on their birthdays. It’s a keepsake to be treasured and revisited over time.



A Family Recipe Scrapbook  

A new baby is the perfect reason to finally start a collection of your family’s favorite recipes. Add to the collection of recipes throughout the years, then when ‘baby’ is ready for college or to move out on their own, re-gift them this family heirloom full of their favorite homemade meals from their childhood. Choose one of our journals for your recipies or this wooden recipe box.


A Motherhood Journal

‘The days are long but the years are short”.

Encourage her to journal the milestones and the mundane moments in-between, because one day, she’ll blink,  the children will be grown and these long days will be far behind her… She’ll miss these days more than she could ever imagine it now. So, give her the space (and time) each day, for herself, to stop and reflect on the ups and downs of her new journey into motherhood.



5 Bridal Heirlooms You’ll Want For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Heirlooms are meaningful mementos for you to have on your wedding day and to be cherished for generations to come. Family heirlooms represent history, memories and family values.

Choosing to incorporate bridal heirlooms into your wedding day will add a unique touch and an extra layer of sentimental value to your day. Heirloom worthy pieces to include in your wedding can range from valuable jewelry to sentimental photographs.

Today, we’re sharing with you 5 bridal heirlooms you’ll want for your wedding day to be passed down for the next generation’s walk down the aisle.

Vow Books:


A wedding vow book is a wonderful, modern day heirloom to include on your wedding day. Forget the wrinkled paper, or back-of-the-napkin written vows with a beautifully bond vow book keepsake to have and to hold your loving words forever. (*tip: our vow books can be personalized and used as a ceremony book as well.

Ring Box:Bridal-heirlooms_blue-sky-papers

Having a special ring box for your wedding day is nothing new, but it is something that you can get creative with and include as an heirloom for your wedding day. If you don’t have a ring box that was passed down to you, choose one that will go with the theme of your wedding, but also have a timeless feel to it, so that it can be passed down in the future. We have written about unique ring box ideas before, and encourage you to check it out to get inspiration.


Archival Photo Albums:

Nothing can beat the quality and care that goes into a handmade photo album…and we’re not just talking about the book binding process, but the process of physically printing out your photos and placing them in an album yourself.   I love flipping through my grandmother’s old albums to see how she intentionally placed each photograph in the album and looking at the scribbled dates on the back of each photo. It truly is a family treasure that will continue to be passed down.

When selecting a photo album for your wedding day, make sure you are choosing a high quality album that will not only display your photos but also protect them. You want acid free, archival paper and photo safe glue, photo corners or double sided tape to add your photos in. All of our Blue Sky Paper’s Photo Albums meet these standards!



 An old, cute tradition- a lacey wedding garter is a sweet little detail just for your hubby. You don’t have to toss it at the reception dinner, but instead can save it as an heirloom from your wedding day.

Personalized Handkerchief:

 A personalized handkerchief is a sweet and functional heirloom for you to include in your wedding. AND they make great as gifts for the groom, moms and dads, groomsmen’s, etc.