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Personalization by Blue Sky Papers

Personalized Books

At Blue Sky Papers, we pride ourselves on helping you create a personalized guest book, album or keepsake memory book that is personally unique and can be cherished as a family heirloom for generations. To help accomplish this goal, we specialize in a wide variety of personalization options.

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Personalized Leather Book by Blue Sky Papers


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Examples of Personalized Books:

Personalized Metallic Leather Books from Blue Sky Papers

Personalized Books on Center by Blue Sky Papers

Personalized Names on Books by Blue Sky Papers

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Each item has different color, location and font options - not all options may be available for a particular product.  Most of our guest books and keepsakes can be personalized. The personalization options differ from book to book.  To determine which options are available for any particular product, please refer to the drop down on the product's page.  The personalization options available for each item should be listed under "Please choose your custom options" in the lower right hand corner of the product page. When you check the "Embossed Personalization" checkbox, you can then choose from the options possible for that product.  Alongside the options will be links to "More Info" which give even greater option detail.


Still interested in learning about HOW embossing is accomplished?  Check out an old blog post by clicking here.  



Custom Logos and Art:

Custom Logos on Books by Blue Sky Papers

We can emboss your logo, art or custom image into most of our books and keepsakes. In order to do so, we will need to have a custom metal die engraved with your art. There is a one-time cost to have the die created, regardless of the number of items you emboss with the die.

These metal die embossing plates can be used to imprint your logo into many other items as well - leather goods, foil stamp boxes and some papers for example - many times over again.


Personalization Suggestions & Ideas:


-Line 1: Person's name
-Line 2: A Career to Remember
or... 38 years in service... or... A Wonderful Career


-Line 1: Person's name
-Line 2: Birth year - Passing year 
or... A Wonderful Life ...or... Always in Our Hearts 

-Line 1: In Loving Memory of
-Line 2:  Person's Name 


-Line 1: Couple's name 
-Line 2: Wedding Date


-Line 1: Couple's name
-Line 2: Celebrating 50 years

or… Anniversary Date


-Line 1: Person's name
-Line 2: 50 Years Young! 
or... 38 years in service