How to Create a Memorial Keepsake Book

The most comforting and healing activities in celebrating your loved one's life are those that encourage the sharing of memories by all present. And by creating a memorial book keepsake from these stories and memories, you will have something to help you grieve, a family heirloom and a tribute to your loved one.

Here to Make a Keepsake Memorial Book

as a Meaningful Tribute


1. Display photographs and memorabilia (Optional)

Display photos and memorabilia of your loved one on a memory table at the memorial service. Share the stories behind the photographs by writing them down.

 2. Invite your guests to share their memories

Leave out the fine message cards and pens on the table, and invite everyone to write down their own memories of your loved one. On the table, frame a handwritten or printed message to your guests asking them for a message. We have provided a simply elegant sign for you. Or you can create your own.


3. Keep these stories in a beautiful, archival album

Keep these memories in our beautiful, archival keepsake album. Weave beautiful photographs with the memories on the pages. And your memorial book will become a family heirloom keepsake.

Blue Sky Papers has made creating your memorial book easy. We provide all that is needed to create your very own memorial book with our memorial book keepsake.

Other things to Consider:

We've shown you how to create a memorial book—and we can personalize your memorial book as well.  You can accommodate as many or as few people as you like.  In creating your memorial book keepsake, you can expand your memorial book with an expansion pack or extra message cards.  


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Blue Sky Papers specializes in making fine memorial keepsakes and guest books. We invite you to learn about how our memorial book keepsake can help make your event meaningful and honor your loved one.