Creating the Book at the Event

Guest Books

Learn more about creating a wedding guest book at the wedding or memorial guest book at the service in the idea gallery under each books section.

Keepsake Books 
If you plan on creating the keepsake book at the event, we recommend you:

  • have a book "host"—someone responsible for managing the guests' participation
  • determine the number of tributettes per guest and assign the tributettes
    • if you have the same number of guests as you do tributettes, have your guests complete each prompt using a tributette card (have them write the corresponding prompt number on the back side)
    • if you have an odd number of guests as you do tributettes, you may pre-assign the prompts to each individual or you may allow them to select the prompts they would like to complete (number the back of the tributettes before your guests receive them)
    • list the numbered prompts in an accessible location to all the guests
  • adhere the book at the event by removing the tape-backing and applying them to the pages, or assemble and give the book to the guest-of-honor after the event (see Sample Layouts for suggestions)

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