The Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner

At, we like to think we have a pretty unique business model and structure.  We hand-make many of the products we sell online, we personalize them with hot stamping/embossing, and we ship orders out mad fast.  And we do this with great service and a smile.  A large part of why we are successful, however, is because we have excellent partners, such as Graphic Image.

I had the great pleasure to tour their facility today and I am completely blown away.  These guys are smarter than smart.  Their business model is the essence of being nimble.  With everything being handmade in the USA, they have a unique position to offer a wide variety of services to their retail customers, like Blue Sky Papers.   Built on the hard work of American hands and run by a family, this business is not only admirable in their excellence but also because their products shout HIGH QUALITY.

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For starters, they make small and large runs for chain stores, custom-designed with the store’s choice of exclusive leathers and with the brand’s logo.   Next time you are at Barney’s or Tiffany’s and you are looking at an accessory or a leather good, odds are that Graphic Image is the quality manufacturer behind it.   You may not see their logo, but their hard work shows.

But they don’t just sell to the large retailers.  They also sell their catalog items to retailers of all sizes.  Their quality products can be found in most mom and pop stores and gift boutiques across the US.  I’ve even seen some of their products in a local art store.

Being nimble and organized also allows them to sell single items direct to end-users by way of sales from their website or on behalf of one of their retailers.  They personalize – and fast.  Their personalization program is top-notch, far surpassing any other company with a drop ship model.

They are flexible and stretch themselves far outside the box.  They are always willing to try something a different way and allow their customers the flexibility to create something according to their own desires.

They are organized and well-structured.  For example, they keep up with their holiday demand by hiring hundreds of part time employees and work around the clock to help keep up with the steep increase in demand.  And that is after a summer of diligently preparing to have all the needed raw materials ordered so no one goes without their favorite album, frame or bag over the Holidays.

With their classic designs, Graphic Image’s products speak to many people while still staying on the pulse of what’s new.  Presenting new collections regularly, Graphic Image and the people behind it clearly have fun designing their products, their business and their future.   Why, not only an hour after leaving their facility in Long Island did I see a lady in Manhattan with a GiGi bag!  A collection they just launched!

And just how many owner/operators like Carol would drop their busy schedule (and before a major trade show too) to spend several hours with one of their smaller retailers.  Better yet, I felt mentored by Carol as she probed into our BSP business and drew from her years of experience to make suggestions to help it grow.  How awesome is that?!

By the looks of the press Graphic Image receives at a regular and impressive pace, it appears most others would agree that Graphic Image is an award-winning company!

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So, yea.  If you couldn’t tell, I drank the Graphic Image kool-aid.  …It’s pretty darn good.

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