The Fabric Of Blue Sky Papers

The Fabric Of Blue Sky Papers

At Blue Sky Papers, we are constantly looking for new and improved materials, methods and products.  We are proud to tell you that we have acquired some new fabrics and colors for our books!  We now have 5 different types of materials:  linen, satin, natural linen, silk and leather.  What’s the difference between them you ask?  See for yourself…

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The Italian Rayon Linen

The Italian Rayon Linen that we provide is a medium to fine weave linen. You can see the weaving, but it is close and somewhat tight.  The color is consistent throughout. It has a flat matte texture, which means that there is no shine. Made of fine rayon, this fabric is the highest quality traditional book cloth available. Both elegant and clean in design, our linen is attractive and durable.   (Shown below is slate linen)

Slate Italian Rayon Linen



The Natural Linen

Our Natural Linen has a slightly looser weave and thicker consistency than the Italian Rayon Linen. You are able to see the weave a little more distinctly, giving it an organic feel. It has not been dyed and so the color varies, and you can see changes in texture throughout the weave. This fabric provides a rustic aesthetic, while remaining high in quality, function, and durability.  Because of its refined qualities, this luxe material is considered an upgrade and is more expensive.

Natural Linen



The Dupioni Silk

The Dupioni Silk we carry is an ultra fine weave, which means that you can’t really see the weaving. Because silk dupioni is a pure silk fabric made out of raw silk fiber, the natural fibers inherent a various degree of texture, such as random slubs, lines and other natural imperfections.  The color is consistent throughout and has a subtle, elegant shine.  Because natural silk is such a fine material, it is considered an upgrade and it costs more.  The Dupioni Silk is perfect for more formal occasions when the budget is higher or for brides who want a refined, truly unique look. (Shown below is blush silk)

Blue Sky Papers Blush Silk



The Japanese Satin

Our Japanese Satin has a fine weave which means that you can hardly see the weaving.  As a unique feature, there are some texture lines in the material going “with the grain.”  It has a higher luminosity than the Dupioni Silk and reflects a bit more light. It is a fine quality material, yet it remains functional and durable. This material is perfect for more formal occasions when the budget is tight.  (Shown below is sea satin)

Sea Satin



The Leather

Our leather is an attractive blend of function and aesthetic.  With a glaze that gives the books a slight shine, the leather reflects some light. It is smooth, not textured. It is processed from genuine leather and provides a durable lifetime with a consistent appearance. This bonded leather is indistinguishable from genuine leather and is the best choice when looking for material that will guarantee a long-life and consistent appearance with regular use. (Shown below is rich brown leather)

leather book and close

All of our materials are acid-free/archival (higher alkalinity).

Each customer can select the material and color they prefer based upon the event, who the book is for, and personal preference.

All of our materials and colors are carefully selected based on client demand, trends, popularity, classic/timelessness, quality, and beauty.


Each material and color is different and beautiful in its own way.  Here at Blue Sky Papers, our goal is to see our customer’s happy by offering a diverse selection of top quality books, materials, and colors, as well as giving time and attention to the smallest of details.

We provide the time, quality, and quality time that is required to create a truly spectacular book.

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