Sophisticated Leather Lady

Sophisticated Leather Lady

Earrings by BumberShootDesigns

Purse by 4brenwithlove

Shirt by 4brenwithlove

Skirt by attiladesings

Shoes by HeidiLouiseBootmaker

All items can be found and purchased at ETSY

With all of the reviewing of our products that we offer at BSP in accordance with the opening of our new site, I have come back to the love of leather journals. With the option of engraving or embossing most journals, “My Little Secrets” would look great in blind on the cover.  I catch myself frequently flailing around brilliant thoughts with nothing to write them down on, only to be lost with all the other restless trafficking of information inside my brain.  Of course, these thoughts happen in the middle of the night while trying to decipher if I’m still dreaming or lying awake, only to find myself awake and too lazy to get out of bed or asleep, succumbed by the slumbering snores, spinning all conscious thought through a sporadic windmill to create dream after dream.   Of all the journals we offer here at BlueSkyPapers, the leather pocket journal works best for me; with the ease of caring this journal on my person, thoughts will no longer drift away with the sawing sounds of sleep, they will be transferred to paper, and forever remembered in reality.  The key, now: pajamas with pockets.  Which BSP journal are you?

BSP Pocket

BSP Bride’s Notes

Leather Travel

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