Meet Jessie, our book bindress

Meet Jessie, our book bindress

Meet Jessie

Meet Jessie

Jessie is Blue Sky Papers’ amazing Book Bindress! Jessie is always digging her hands into new, exciting projects. From textiles to puppies to her boyfriend Stefan, she is never lacking in adventure. She loves being outside, creating with her hands, and is inspired by those who find beauty in the ordinary.

Creativity flows through her and just rolls off of her like rain.

Jessie is currently studying textiles with the Kudzu plant. (Yes, that wild vine that is eating the South).

She brought in one of her home projects the other day, a Kudzu textile weaving, and I got the chance to see it and watch her in action!

She began by tying one end to a tree and the other end to a belt around her waist for stability, creating a loom.

Jessie Setting Up

Once things were set up she began lifting up sections of string and guiding a wooden tool through to hold a desired layer up, creating what weavers call a “shed.”

Jessie Weaving 1

She then would pass yarn horizontally through the shed and use the wooden tool as a comb to press the yarn tightly against the previous layer.

 Jessie Weaving 2

It was such a privilege to watch and photograph Jessie’s work.

This weekend she leaves for an in-depth 2-week study on the textiles of Kudzu, and I can’t wait to see what she brings back!

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