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Metallic Pens and Pencils for Black Page Albums

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Give guests the option for fun with colorful, bright metallic pens and pencils that write great on black pages.

Metallic pens and pencils are perfect for black page albums

Metallic Pens

We love the look of black pages in photo albums and guest books, but we understand the hesitation of going that route when you’re not sure what sort of writing utensils to use. We love these metallic gel pens by Uni-Ball. They have a great glittery sheen when the ink sets, and they write wonderfully.

White and Gold Gel Metallic Pens on black pages

Metallic Pencils

Another option for black pages, is to go with these fun and colorful metallic  pencils. These would be great writing utensils for a photo booth guest book with black pages. We love the idea of creative and artistic wedding guests leaving fun doodles and bright well-wishes for the newlyweds.

Metallic Colored Pencils for crafts with black pages

Which do you prefer? Pens or Pencils?

A.S. Batel — Press for products on Blue Sky Papers

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

We think the carved graphite objects by artist A S Batel (Batel Studios) are truly unique and awe-inspiring…   and apparently, so does Elle Decor!  Check out there feature of their carved asparagus graphite object.  LOVE.

A S Batel - Batel Studios - Carved Graphite Objects