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15 Script Fonts for FREE Download to Print Your Wedding Vows

Monday, October 1st, 2018

Script fonts are beautiful for printing out your wedding vows and wedding calligraphy, but hiring a professional calligrapher can get expensive. Today, we are sharing with you 15 script fonts you can download for FREE to print out your wedding vows with.

Not everyone has an endless wedding budget to spend on everything they want to make thier wedding perfect, and hand-scripted calligraphy is pricey if you don’t have the skill yourself. So here you are, you’ve splurged on a vow book, but know that you and your partner’s handwriting is terrible. No worries! Follow this guide and  see the list of FREE script fonts at the bottom of this post to get FREE + beautiful wedding calligraphy.


After you have chosen your font (below) and written your vows, open up a horizontal word document.  The dimmensions are a standard paper size, so no need to make changes to the document size or margins.

Then, select the button that will divided your paper into two columns (circled in red below). Type your vows out on each side. I suggest centering the text on each side, too.  After you have proof read, made sure the text is centered and the same size on each side and then you are ready to hit print. I HIGLY suggest a test run or two before you print on your nice vow book paper.

Printing vows for the Vow Portfolio:


If you are printing your vows for our Vow Book Portfolio (which only has the ribbon corners and no center page) you will take your printed vows and fold it in half. Give it a very light score on the folded edge, open the paper up and lay it flat to cut straight down the middle. Using a ruler or straight edge and a box cutter will help you achive a super straight and clean line.


The results are really pretty and folks will be none the wiser that this was a DIY.

Printing Double Sided for the Vow Holder:


If you do not have a printer that prints double sided to print your vows front + back on one sheet of paper you will have to print them out of order, and one sheet at a time. Follow the order below if you do not have a double sided printer


Each printer is different, so it is up to you to figure out which way to flip the paper to reinsert it back into the printer to print the next page. Be patient, and do some test runs on regular printer paper first. Try making a mark on one side of the paper and then run it through the printer to figure out which direction you need to face the vow paper.

Following this order, with the last part and the first part  of your vows on the outside of the page, and then the middle parts of the vows on the inside of the page. When vows are printed on both sides of the paper, you will be able to fold it in half, to insert it through the middle ribbon of the Vow Holder and read your vows just as you would read a book, each page from front to back.


15 Free Fonts to print out your wedding vows:

1- Claudia


2- Brev script:


3- Paduka script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


4- errata script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


5- Tamoro Script: Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers



6- Dearly script : Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


7- Claire script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


8- Charlotte Calligraphy:


9- Melinda script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


10- Hafizan Script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


11- Roaster Script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers



12- Bitthai Script: Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers



13- Violetta script:Script-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers


14- shopping script:




15- Frutilla ScriptScript-fonts_free-download_Blue-Sky-Papers



British Royal Wedding with an American Actress – A Real Life Fairytale

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

A British Royal Wedding is happening this weekend and it sounds like something that is straight from the cinemas. Prince Harry is marrying American actress, Meghan Markel on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. The Wedding will begin mid-day at 12pm and will be televised across the world, with all eyes on Harry and Meghan.

With the TV coverage beginning around 4 am here in the United States, we will be catching all the royal action from our couch. You will be able to tune in and watch the wedding on all the major networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, HBO, and you can even watch it at the movies, at over 200 cinema locations across the US.

We are ROYALLY excited about these nuptials and can’t help but daydream about all the intricate details that go into planning a British Royal Wedding.


We pride ourselves in our traditional, old world techniques in bookbinding and find it highly interesting (and appropriate) that Her Majesty the Queen has appointed an official bookbinder for the Royal family. This bookbinder over sees all of the official binding needs for the family. And while we may not be the official bookbinder for Her Majesty the Queen (it’s proper to always address her this way) we can pretend that we are!

With this being a British Royal Wedding, we imagine every last detail to be elaborate and purposefully chosen for this day. With each detail being documented and looked over for centuries to come, taking the word ‘heirloom’ to a whole new degree.


If we were the offical bookbindery for the royal family, we would make Prince Harry and Meghan a custom made wedding program holder, blind de-bossed with their royal family crest adorning the cover. Along with, matching ‘His and Her’ vow books in a vintage crushed velvet to house thier precious vows to one another.  A set that is truly fit for royalty!


Keeping with the sophisticated crushed velvet, we would make the Prince and his bride a matching wedding photo album for all their favorite snaps from the day. Again, adorned with the royal family crest and personalized with their names or initals.


While the public doesn’t get much access to the British Royal Wedding receptions, Prince Harry and Meghan would want a guest book for their reception. An offical log of all their personal guest, filled with sweet messages from the ones the know and love, and got to share the royal day with.