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Handmade Paper Vow Book New Design from Blue Sky Papers

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Handmade Paper Vow Books are now up on our site and we are so excited to share this new design with you! Made from a gorgeous cotton rag paper, our handmade paper vow book is soft to the touch and looks great up at the altar.Handmade-Paper-Vow-Book_Blue-Sky-Papers

As always, when designing a new product, we take our time with every last detail. Sourcing the best materials, and trying out different ideas to ensure that we have a high quality, timelessly designed product to last a lifetime. We design our products with the end goal being a family heirloom in mind.



For the handmade paper vow book this means designing a book with materials that will stand the test of time. That is why we selected this handmade rag paper for our paper vow books. Rag paper is high-quality artisan paper made from cotton ‘rags’ as the primary ingredient. Cotton paper is often used for important or historical documents as it can last hundreds of years without discoloration or deterioration, making it the perfect choice for your vow book! You can have peace of mind knowing that you can write down your vows today and they will forever be there to cherish all of the tomorrows to come.


The newly redesigned handmade paper vow book is available in three classic wedding hue options, Pale Blue, White with blush and Dark Gray. Each handmade paper vow book cover is made with rag paper and letter pressed with ‘his vows’, ‘her vows’ or ‘our vows’ by hand,  in house at our studio in Atlanta, GA. Each vow book is bound with a natural, raw silk ribbon and contains four off white sheets of paper for writing your vows.


You can choose to purchase the complete set of our handmade paper vow books, which will include a ‘His Vows’, ‘Her Vows’ and ‘Our Vows’ or go with the couple set which includes the ‘His and Her’ vow books.Handmade-Paper-Vow-Book_Blue-Sky-Papers

Lastly, if you’re a bridal shop or stationery store owner and interested in our Handmade Paper Vow Books for your clients, they are packaged to sell! Feel free to reach out about our wholesale options at

Which color would you choose- Blue, White or Gray?

Velvet Wedding Vow Keepsake Book

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

The velvet wedding vow keepsake book has become a crowd favorite among our brides and grooms. Our Wedding Vow Keepsake Book is now available in peach, black, champagne, gray and white velvet.

As our original Vow Keepsake Book design grew in popularity, so did our options in colors and materials that we could offer. Velvet has been an option for years, but now we have more selections for you! Today, we are sharing with you our newest Velvet Wedding Vow Keepsake Books. Which is your favorite- the peach, black, champagne, gray or white velvet vow book? Let us know in the comments!


Our custom velvet vow book collection is handmade in our studio here in Atlanta, GA. We have taken our time sourcing the best vintage silk velvet blend, in carefully selected classic hues.


Paying close attention to every last detail, we have sourced and dyed a variety of silk ribbons to perfectly complement your velvet wedding vow keepsake book.

Each one of these vow books comes with the finest artisan paper to preserve your words far past your wedding day, to be cherished and inherited for generations to come.


Black Velvet Vow Book


Our classic black velvet is suiting for black tie affairs or for our dark and moody bride. It pairs wonderfully with nearly all of our ribbon options and will give you a polished look at the altar. Choose one of our emblems for the cover, or have your own custom die made. And don’t forget you can personalize it with your name, initials or wedding date.

Peach Velvet Vow Book


Our newest hue, peach velvet is a soft, romantic shade. Not to be confused with blush, the velvet changes in the direction of the light- appearing darker and lighter at certain angles.


The classic and oh-so-popular gray velvet vow book has been around since the beginning but is now offered with our new silk ribbons! As always, it is available for personalization, to match your wedding day perfectly!

Champagne Velvet Vow Book


Cheers to champagne…the drink and the vow book! Another bride favorite, our champagne velvet vow book has become a classic option for our couples. This hue is neutral enough to match your day, and your future daughters and/or granddaughters wedding days, yet unique in its design and details to feel custom to you and yours.

White Velvet Vow Book


As pure as the words you will speak on your wedding day, this velvet vow book’s white sheen will extenuate the other colors in your wedding. Pairing nicely with any one of our silk ribbon options, this vow book can give you that old world romance or modern day love feel depending on how you style it. A sure pick to be passed down as a family heirloom to be treasured.