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DIY Valentines Day Gift with the Leather Love Journal

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

DIY Valentines Day Gift are the best because they are made with love and come straight from the heart! It is also a cheap gift alternative to an otherwise made up holiday! I sound like I don’t like Valentines Day, but it’s the opposite, I love- LOVE and Valentiens day. BUT I do think it should be a bit more simple. Like, how it was when we were kids. We handmade thoughtful little glitter hearts for all of our little friends and the teachers we loved at school.


My husband and I both have birthdays near Valentines Day, so we usually opt for a chill night in (our tradition is to make a heart shaped pizza) and either skip presents all together or DIY Valentines Day Gift for one another. This year we are going on a big trip for our birthday, so we are forsure DIYing it this Valentines day.


I thought it would be cute to use the ClaireMagnolia leather Love Journal to take a trip down memory lane and write out our “love story”.  Accompaning each story/memory with pictures I printed out on my polariod printer. The longest part to this DIY was finding the pictures and printing them out. I used colored photo corners to easily secure the pictures in place and wrote a little memory on the oposite page.

This journal is small, but big enough that I have plenty of room to continue to add to our love story through out the years. The love journal comes with the foiled emboss heart already, but you can of course add personalization to it too, intials would be cute!

Plan with Me December Bullet Journal Cover Page

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Plan with Me for the month of December and get your planner set up for the month ahead with this retro winter bullet journal cover page.

Plan with Me December

Hello December, the last and busiest month of the year! You always sneak up so fast after Halloween and Thanksgiving. And although, we know it’s not true, this year you seemed to come sooner. But that’s okay, because with a little bit of journaling and pre-planning for the month, I’m ready for you!

Last month, I had so much fun sharing with you my Plan with Me November journal page and vlog. It also got a great response, so I decided to do it again for the month of December!

You can watch the Plan with Me December video below, but I have also included a few close up pictures of the spread in this post as well.

For this video, I choose to switch things up a bit and get out of my sketchbook and start a new (more traditional) bullet journal. I’m using the Blue Sky Papers Leather Refillable Composition Notebook for this months set up. I loved setting up these pages, as the graphing paper in the composition notebook really helped me keep things ‘nice and neat’.


I mentioned in the video that I was having a hard time getting this page started. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to plan out, or what theme I wanted to go with. Then, I started watching other youtuber’s planner videos for inspiration and  got further discouraged because mine wasn’t looking as ‘cool’. Whompwhomp. Do you ever get like that?

So I forced myself out of my funk, and turned off the other videos (I still can see their inspo though). I decided I was going to go with a winter wonderland theme, and stay away from anything with too much red and green (one of my least fav color combos).

Atlas, I still ended up using a redish and greenish color combo, and couldn’t seem to stay away form the Christmas vibe. I got inspired by a vintage station wagon I saw in a magazine and mini christmas tree that I cut out, so I landed on a retro christmas theme that I think turned out VERY cute!


I will fill out the blank spots through out the month, and hope to film a video soon of my weekly spread layouts to share with you.

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