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Things to do in Atlanta in September + New Products Coming This Fall

Friday, September 1st, 2017

In the spirit of working hard and playing hard, we are sharing with you Things to do in Atlanta in September, as well as new products we’re launching on the site this fall!

(And holy cow, can you believe it is already September?!?! Where has this year gone?)


As we were making plans for Labor Day Weekend, we came across alot of fun things happening in the month of September in Atlanta and thought we could compile a list of Things to do in Atlanta in September to share with our readers. So here yuh go:

  • DragonCon (Sept 1-4): DragonCon is a convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, etc. with costume parade on Saturday, Sept. 2 at 10am in downtown Atlanta.
  • Yellow Daisy Festival : Sept7-10th Arts & Crafts show at Stone Mountian Park
  • Japan Fest : Sept 16-17th A festival celebrating all things about Japan!
  • Music Midtown : Sept 16th & 17th  Another popular music festival located in downtown Atlanta.
  • Imagine Music Festival :  Sept22-24A glamping music festival with a huge line up at the Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Atlanta Greek Festival : Sept 28- Oct 1. A festival with all things Greek!


We’ve been cooking up some new products to debut to you this fall. And we are encouraging you to Skip the mall, and shop this fall, and through the holiday season. (and always!) Without further adieu, here’s a peek at our new products!


Our new Pocket Journals are the perfect size journal for on the go. It’s small on size, but big on adventure! With crisp white, blank pages it’s great for sketching or writing down all of your brilliant ideas.


Also, it’s available to order with 3 different cheeky sayings. The perfect journal for your quick witted friend.


Hold your spot in your favorite book with our NEW ‘ read read read read read ‘ leather bookmark. Available in 3 different leathers. The perfect gift for the bookwarm in your life!


This travel pad fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. Great for on the go, taking quick notes in a chic and classic way. With a leather cover, lined pages and elastic band closure.


Never loose your keys again with our two new keyring designs.


Our leather tassels and leather key fobs. Available in an assortment of leathers.


And lastly, our new go to daily accessory, the leather cuff!


Available in two designs and various leathers, the fringe cuff with a snap closure, and then the leather wrap cuff.



Using Essential Oils Journal to Track Your Recipes

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Using an Essential Oil Journal to track your journey and recipes will keep you organized and energized as you venture into the world of essential oils.

I’m using my essential oil journal as a diary meets recipe book to log new oil blends, and to keep record of how the oils are working for me.


Have you gotten into the essential oil craze yet? If not, chances are you know someone who has, and have heard ALL about it. I’m just now getting into using essential oils and I am really starting to notice the benefits of using them. (I have very sensitive skin and switching from a moisturizer to using essential oils has been a major game changer for me).

However, I am still fresh to this, and have LOTS to learn about. I have found that keeping a journal is helping me keep track of all the tricks I am learning with my oils. (Although, there isn’t anything new or tricky about essential oils at all. They have been around for many years/centuries – it’s just that they have become ‘mainstream’ and we’re all relearning these ancient health practices.) Today, I am here to share with you my mini leather essential oils journal and a few of my favorite oils with you.


When choosing a journal for your essential oils the only tip I have is to choose something that is functional for your lifestyle. For me, that meant something that is small enough to fit in nearly every bag I own, so I can take it anywhere. Whether, tossing it into my purse for the day, or in my suitcase for a trip – – it can go anywhere I and/or my oils go. (I also needed my journal to have blank pages without lines, because I like to doodle).


Essential Oils Journal Setup

 First, I suggest leaving the first few pages blank so that you can create an index for your essential oils journal. I currently only have a starter pack of essential oils, so I do not have much to set up initially. Leaving the first few pages blank will allow for me to add to the index as I go.

Next, give each of the oils a couple of blank pages to start out. This will allow enough room to doodle and write down a few facts. If you’re using a particular oil to track progress, I would create another ‘log’ page for it on the following pages (just depends on how often you want to track progress. Maybe you are trying out an oil on a rash and tracking the progress daily, or maybe it’s something not as frequent, but long term. Like using essential oils for hair growth.)

Again, it doesn’t matter so much how you set up your essential oils journal as it matters that it is something that makes sense to you and will work with your lifestyle.

Using Essential Oils – 3 Oils I Use Daily 

Like I mentioned, I’m only using a starter pack of oils- but I have found myself going to the same 3 oils on a regular basis. So of course, these were the first 3 to go into my journal.


Lavendar is my go to oil. It smells so, so good and reminds me of peaceful times, frolicking through a Parisian flower field. But it does much more than just smelling good, and reminding me of fun times. It actually has so many healing qualities like :

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress (dab on wrist or use in a diffuser)
  • Improves sleep (rub on the bottom of your feet)
  • Restores skin complexion and reduces acne (spot check or mix with coconut oil to make moisturizer).
  • Improves eczema and psoriasis (spot check or mix with coconut oil to make moisturizer…I do this and it has helped with my psoriasis tremendously).


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a very strong and peculiar smell to it, some don’t like it, but it really doesn’t bother me. Tea tree oil is great for a lot of things, but I use it on my nails the most. Other uses are:

  • Acne: Spot check or mix with coconut oil and honey to create a cleansing face wash.
  • Hair: Mix with coconut oil for a deep conditioner. It will hydrate your hair and sooth dry flaky spots on your scalp.
  • Cleaning: Tea Tree oil has great antimicrobial properties. Mix it with water + vinegar + lemon oil to make a household cleaner.Using-Essential-Oils_Blue-Sky-Papers


    Eucalyptus oil is another oil I find myself turning to day in and day out. It smells good and will awaken your senses and creativity. It has many other beneficial qualities too, like:

    • Helps with respiratory problems (rub on chest when stuffed up or use in diffuser)
    • Relieves mental exhaustion (use in diffuser to get blood flowing)
    • Relieves muscle pain (mix with coconut oil and rub on achy spots)
    • Room Freshener- kills bacteria & germs in the air (use in diffuser)


I hope this helps + encourages you to start dabbling in the world of Using Essentail Oils and keeping a journal to track your journey. Now that I’ve shared some of my go to remedies with you, please share some that are working for you in the comments! We’re all looking for new methods to add to our book!