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Happy First Mother’s Day – Heirlooms and Gifts for New Moms

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Happy First Mother’s Day to all of the Mommas out there! Motherhood is a series of first, so make this first Mother’s Day a memorable one with a sentimental gift she’ll love.


While flowers and a card are the traditional ways to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day, giving the gift of a keepsake is one that will continue to bring her joy for years to come.


A Baby’s Book Time Capsule

They grow up so fast, and while you can’t slow time down, you can try your best to capture it.


An archival photo album keepsake for baby will hold all the precious moments from trinkets, to photos, to first haircuts and newspaper clippings on their birthdays. It’s a keepsake to be treasured and revisited over time.



A Family Recipe Scrapbook  

A new baby is the perfect reason to finally start a collection of your family’s favorite recipes. Add to the collection of recipes throughout the years, then when ‘baby’ is ready for college or to move out on their own, re-gift them this family heirloom full of their favorite homemade meals from their childhood. Choose one of our journals for your recipies or this wooden recipe box.


A Motherhood Journal

‘The days are long but the years are short”.

Encourage her to journal the milestones and the mundane moments in-between, because one day, she’ll blink,  the children will be grown and these long days will be far behind her… She’ll miss these days more than she could ever imagine it now. So, give her the space (and time) each day, for herself, to stop and reflect on the ups and downs of her new journey into motherhood.



6 Ways to Document Baby’s First Year Milestones

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Baby’s first year is a milestone itself, but who doesn’t love all those little mini wonderful moments throughout. From first crawl to first birthday party, those initial sleepless nights are an insignificant blip compared to all the lovely memories you have of your sweet little one.

Technology makes it easy to capture all of those moments these days, but we’re head over heels for the traditional and tangible ways of remembering life’s sweetest moments, so from pregnancy journals to time capsules, we gathered our 7 favorite ways of documenting those memories of baby’s first year.

1. Journal through your pregnancy and birth.

Amanda, owner of The Lady Okie Blog, decided to journal her pregnancy as a way to prepare for her first baby. We love the idea of continuing through  baby’s first year. 

The Lady Okie's Pregnancy Journal with the Leather Rustic Portfolio by Blue Sky Papers

2. Scrapbook special items baby will eventually outgrow – like their first onesie

Allie Edwards reminds us that remembering the details doesn’t have to be complicated. Documenting the size of your sweet newborn when you bring him or her home is as simple as using a binder clip to hold their onesie in place in a scrapbook.

Scrapbook baby's first onesie to remember just how small they were when you first brought them home (via Allie Edwards)

3. Baby’s First Year Collage – photo every week or month

An easy way to see how much baby has grown is to take one photo every week or every month in the same place (and if possible, the same outfit). Put all your photos together, print and frame, for a cute timeline of just how fast they really do grow up.

Document Baby's First Year with a collage of photos taken each week or month


via Simply Bloom Photography

4. Welcome Baby Book

This beautifully designed ‘welcome baby’ book is gender neutral and makes a great baby shower gift! The pages are filled with sweet prompts for the parents to fill out. There’s a place for saving a snip of baby’s hair, writing letters about the anticipation of baby and more.

Gender neutral welcome baby book for baby's first year


5. Create a baby soft fabric book for his or her first birthday

We love this soft fabric scrapbook from SouleMama for her baby’s first birthday. The soft and colorful pages filled with photographs of her loved ones are a fun and engaging way to teach baby as he or she grows!

Soft Baby Scrapbook for Baby's First Year

6. Baby Time Capsule

A classic and simple way to document baby’s first year is to make a little time capsule holding special every day items that were used during the first year such as the newspaper published on the day your baby was born, their first pair of shoes, their favorite stuffed toy, and other treasured mementos.

Baby's First Year - Time Capsule


via Martha Stewart