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Christmas Keepsake Book and Ideas for Saving Christmas Memories

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

A Christmas Keepsake book is the perfect way to save those holiday memories throughout the years. A custom made photo album to suit your style and needs from Blue Sky Papers is a safe, simple and chic way to store those memories away to look at another day.


A Christmas Keepsake Book is like keeping a ‘year book’ or ‘ledger’ of that year’s Christmas for you to look back on in fondness when you’re old, gray, and can’t remember anything. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is easy to forget the little things, those precious moments and sentiments that touch you, but are fleeting. Your Christmas Keepsake Book will help you record these things and moments in one spot.

We love the idea of keeping a Christmas Card Book but a Christmas Keepsake Book kicks that up a notch, keeping a record of all the nuances and events that happen that holiday season. You can include anything you want in this book, from Christmas cards, to invites, or cute gift tags off sentimental presents- think about the little things you want to remember from this holiday season that otherwise would be forgotten through out time.


Things to Include in a Christmas Keepsake Book

  • Your family Christmas card that year
  • Christmas cards that you receive
  • Pictures of new ornaments and decorations around the house
  • Picture of the Christmas tree
  • Picture of the outside of the house/Christmas lights
  • Holiday recipes you tried this season
  • (copies of) Letters to Santa
  • Pictures + events to holiday events and parties
  • Pictures memorable gifts





On the first page of our Christmas Keepsake Book I put the Christmas card my husband and I are sending out this year, along with a letter about the year we had. My best friend’s mom each year sends out a little letter with their Christmas card updating you on things about their family from that year, and I’ve always thought it was such a cute tradition that I wanted to do with my own family one day.








As the holidays unfold I will be incorporating pictures from this season in life, along with little commentary for each image. Like ‘first Christmas tree in our new house’ or ‘New spiced seasonal cocktail we tried this year, accompanied by the recipe’.








I’m saving space at the back of our Christmas Keepsake Book for all the cute Christmas cards we will be recieving fromfamily and friends this year.



Giving Thanks – Our tradition of a Gratitude Journal

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Giving Thanks Gratitude Sketchbook Blue Sky Papers

Every year, we share one thing that each team-member is grateful for. We capture these blessings in a “Gratitude Journal” of our favorite new design of that year. This annual tradition is one of my favorites and I cannot wait to share it with you!


Being a team of nearly a dozen, we have a lot to be thankful for. Collectively, we are so very grateful for YOU! We are grateful for your continued support of handmade, your appreciation for the art of books, and using them to journal and capture memories. Because of you, we can do what we love – make beautiful books. With all of our hearts, we thank you.



Do you have an annual tradition for Thanksgiving?  No matter how silly or meaningful your tradition may be, it’s so fun to look back over the previous years’ Gratitude Journals and laugh… or cry.  After all, it’s all part of your story.  And your story should be told.


Speaking of traditions, don’t forget about our annual sale for the holidays.  We only have this one!  And, it isn’t just any old sale – it is pretty humongous for a small company like ours! Because we love that you continue to support us, we want to show our gratitude with a Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sale of 40% off! (WHOA!)  Then, through December 20th, enjoy 20% off your holiday orders!


Thank you again for making all of this possible – thank you, thank you, thank you!

All of us at Blue Sky Papers


A grateful heart is an open heart.