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Keeping Nature Journals Drawing Ideas and Promts to Get You Started

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Ever considered Keeping  Nature Journals before? Today’s post is filled with Drawing Ideas and Prompts for your next outdoor adventure! We’re sharing ways you can document and reflect on the world around you.


Be it nature journaling in your backyard or on a cross-country adventure, keeping a log of things you experience, and observe along the way is a tangible and memorable way to get to know your surroundings. Keeping a Nature Journal is also a great way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the (real) world around you.

Nature journaling brings up memories of school days, old encyclopedia   illustrations and documenting observations in a composition notebook. Whatever your approach to nature journaling is, do not get overwhelmed by the idea of having to fill an entire sketchbook with ‘nature’. Just take it page by page and see how you are organically inspired. No pressure to create any certain thing, just a fun time connecting with nature and your journal!

Below are some ideas to get your nature journaling started. But don’t stop with these prompts. Let this post serve as a springboard to your new hobby!

Observation Drawing // Nature Study

The most common form of keeping a nature journal would be simply observing and recording. A nature study much like what you did in science class as a kid. Sit, look, study and record what you see. Above are two butterfly wings I found and glued into my sketchbook. Using watercolors, I created the other two wings by observing the two I had.


This could be drawing insects, flowers, feathers, landscapes, rocks etc. anything that you are looking at and observing in real life.


Create A Pattern with Nature Keeping-Nature-Journals

Using a leaf, flower, stick, etc. trace the object over and over to create a repeat pattern. You can add color and designs to your pattern to bring it to life.

Also, there are endless amounts of patterns that can be found in nature. You can observe a pattern in nature and recreate it in your sketchbook, creating a continuous pattern that fills the page.

Make a Stamp with Something Found in Nature


Again, using a leaf, flower, stick, etc. and an inkpad, stamp your object to create a work of art. You can stamp a repeat pattern, or you can stamp some and then draw into your stamps to create art!

I suggest practicing with stamping different things first to see how it works and what you like best. (Warning, your hands will get messy!)

Create a Nature Rubbing with Texture Found in Nature


Nature rubbings are fun and easy to create. It is a creative way to document nature and your surroundings. All you need is paper, pencil (could also use a crayon) and something with a raised texture. Think, leafs, rocks, the pavement, or if you are on a hike, you could create a rubbing of the trail numbers/markings along the way.

To create a rubbing, place the object with the raised texture behind your paper. Turn your pencil on its side, using your index finger to apply pressure at the tip of your pencil and rub back and forth over your object. Use your other hand to secure your paper and object in place.

Create a Bird’s Eye View of Where You AreKeeping-Nature-Journals

Change your perspective and create a drawing in a unique way by pretending you’re a bird flying over where you are. What would it look like? Now draw it.

If you’re really up for the challenge, flip the perspective and draw the bug’s eye view!

Need a sketchbook to start Keeping Nature Jourals? We got you covered, check out some of our best sellers below!

3 Tips for Setting Goals You’ll Actually Achieve:

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

We’re quickly approaching the third week in the year and about this time every January is when the ‘New Year High’ is wearing off and those resolutions are falling by the way side. The ‘winter blues’ are setting in for some of you and the push to stay focused on your goals are becoming harder and harder. We get it. We’re right there with you. So this left me wondering, what is the big secret to setting a resolution and sticking to it? How do some people do it, while others fail year, after year?

Below are some goal setting tips that what we have come up with, to help you push through with meeting your resolutions.


3 Goals Setting Tips :

1.Establish daily habits that will help you achieve your overall goal.

Often dreams seem so big and lofty it appears near impossible to ever be able to form an actionable plan to achieve them. But this simply isn’t the truth. So What is the Secret to Achieving Goals? Discipline + healthy habits, folks.

Now I realize that some of you, your goal may very well be ‘Establish healthy habits’ and now is about the time you want to click away. But wait. Hear me out.

I encourage you to start (small) where you’re at in your goal and slowly and steadily work toward the bigger goal. Meaning, what is one habit you could start establishing TODAY that will help you meet your big goal in the long run. For example, maybe your goal is to start your own business this year, but you currently work full time and have a family. So maybe this means you need to establish the habit of going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to have time alone to work towards your business. Just imagine what establishing that one habit today and then doing it everyday, how much you would have accomplished just a few weeks from now toward your (big) goal. (They say it takes 21 days to form/break a habit.)


2. Stay Inspired.

No matter what area you are setting your goals in, it is important to stay inspired and remember WHY you started out on this journey in the first place. There are so many strategies/ways for one to stay inspired in this day in age (hello Pinterest + Instagram), but find a way to stay focused in your inspirations. You do not want to loose hours of your precious time browsing the web to stay inspired. Some folks choose a word to resonate and reflect on all year. Like ‘Beyond’. Reminding them to go beyond their expectations, over and beyond what is asked of them, or going beyond their comfort zone. Others may right out their own personal mantra, or values to live by. Or crafty folks like myself, may choose to create a dream journal or vision board that they constantly reference back to. Figure out what works for you and consistently reflect back to it.


3.Stay Positive + Set Goals with Positive Intentions.

Set goals with the intention on something positive that you do want, rather than focusing on something negative that you don’t want. (i.e. : ‘workout 3-4 days a week’ vs. ‘loose these 30 extra pounds’).


What tips do you have for sticking to your goals? Lets talk about it in the comments below. And remember, to not be to hard on yourself. What works for one person, might not work for you. Figure out what works for you, then stay consistent, stay positive, stay focused. You’ve got this!