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Peach Wedding Colors and Cobinations to Inspire You

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Peach wedding colors is something we have come across often in our 10 years of working in the wedding industry. At this point, peach wedding colors are so common it should almost be treated as a ‘neutral’ tone that can easily be paired with a variety of accenting colors.


Today, we are sharing with you some of our most common peach wedding color combinations that we have come across from real life brides, just like you, to inspire you for your big day!

Peach and Grey Wedding

Other than white or cream as an accent color to peach, the most popular color combination would be a peach and grey wedding. It’s a classic color combination. A peach and grey wedding is a mix of a warm and cool color pallet with the perfect balance of feminine and masculine touches. Peach pairs nicely with a spectrum of greys, from a soft light grey to a dark slate grey, making it easy for you to match your décor with all of your other details.


pictured above: [ Velvet Ribbon and silk flower custom book // Silk Dupioni Bow Custom book // Peach Velvet Wedding Vow Book ]


[photo by Ashley Rae Photography and featured on Ruffled Blog. // peach velvet wedding vow book]

Peach and Green Wedding

A peach and green wedding is a color combo that compliments one another. Peach and green are located across from one another on the color wheel, making them the perfect pair for each other. And while it may seem like an odd match up, opposites attract and neutralize one another. A peach and green wedding is a classy option that will be timeless.


pictured above: [ invite: Papellerie // Peach velvet Guest book]

Navy Blue and Peach Wedding

Navy Blue and Peach Wedding colors are a combination that you can used year round. Depending on the floral arrangements you choose and the other accents and décor you use, a navy blue and peach wedding color pallet can be pulled off in any season. Using the navy blue for things like the suits, ribbons and table accents, while pulling in the peach with your flowers, bridesmaid dresses and other accessories for your wedding day.


pictured above: [ Peach Velvet Guest book]

Pink and Peach Wedding

A pink and peach wedding color pallet wont be for everyone, but it certainly is a fun option! Probably more suited for spring or summer, this festive color combination screams love and romance, in a fun and flirty way! With a variety of shades of pink and peach you can choose the softer, lighter, more airy shades of pink and peach OR, you can opt for more saturated tones to make a bold statement.


pictured above: [ PeachVelvet Guest Book //Peach Velvet Wedding Vow Book]

March Journal Prompts for Writers and Artist from Blue Sky Papers

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

March Journal Prompts for writers and artist needing inspiration to jump start their daily journaling. These March Journal Prompts will help you get past the fear of a blank page. You can download the list of free journal prompts to glue into your journal/sketchbook, to get you going daily. And if you keep scrolling down, you’ll see our, ‘create your own luck’ print available to download, as well!

I love creating easy prompts to get my “juices” flowing. I think of it as a warm up (like what you would do before working out), or like when you were in elementary school and your teacher would have ‘morning work’ or a certain little routine your class did each day to get the day started.

Even if (especially if…)  you don’t have a creative job, I think, we, as creatives need a daily dose of creative activity in our life to keep us happy and inspired in the other areas of our lives. And even if you do have a job that allows you to get creative everyday, I think it’s important to exercise those creative muscels in new ways.

If you’re feeling in a creative rut, try these March Journal Prompts (or create your own) to help you get unstuck!

Feel free to share these prompts on your instagram, pinterest, Facebook, etc!

My intentions  are to do a mix up of writing and art journaling with these March Journal Prompts,  doing some of them in my bullet journal and the rest in my sketchbook.

Below, I made this ‘Create Your Own Luck’ print for you to include in your bullet journal, if you want. It has 31 little 4 leaf clovers on it, so you could also use it as a goal tracker as well, coloring in one for each day.


I choose this quote to help remind me that each day we get the opprotunity to create our own luck. For me, that means working hard towards my goals and not sitting around waiting to get lucky!

You can download the print here:  2-Create-your-own-luck_Blue-Sky-Papers
and resize it to fit to your journal.

Considering we are a book bindery, I am a bit of a journal junkie. I wish I was organized enough to work in only one, but I have a different journal for everything, and one to toss into just about every bag I own. So, through out this month of journaling and sharing, you will see me working in my writing journal, my mini sketchbook and travel journal (and probably whatever other journal is within reach that particular day ;P ).

Will you be joining in with these March Journal prompts? Do you find these sort of thing helpful/fun? Let us know in the commmnets!