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Taboo TV Show : Custom Projects for Clients

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Did you tune into watch FX’s new miniseries, Taboo TV Show? It is a British period drama set in the 1800’s starring (and co-produced) by easy-on-the-eyes, Tom Hardy.



Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re bringing up a Tom Hardy TV Series…

Well, the Taboo team presented us with the wonderful opportunity of designing custom leather books for them to use in post-production, prior to the show airing. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity!

Our team, here, at Blue Sky Papers initially began work on this project a year ago. You may recall seeing some behind the scenes pictures we posted on Instagram, or us briefly mentioning it before in a post. With the first season fully out now, and the announcement of The Taboo TV Show being picked up for season two, we thought it was past due to send out congrats to the whole Taboo crew! Also, to toot our own horn a little bit too…about getting to work on such a creative project with amazing clients! Pinch us, because we are living out our dream!




Guest books, photo albums, and journals are the heart and roots of this business, but our custom projects are always a breath of fresh air. (Especially this one!) They allow us to break away from our regular routines and challenge us as a team to work together to create a new design that our clients will love.

The book we designed for Taboo is rather large, made from a dark, almost black, distressed leather, with hand-torn, black artisan paper sewn in. And the luxury is in the details, like with the tarnished, vintage key embellishment on the leather wrap of this book.  Keeping with the old world aesthetics of Taboo.

Below are pictures of the finished product and some behind the scene shots of the book in Taboo’s conference room (so cool!).


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If you missed Taboo, check out the trailer below + watch the complete first season on FX now (all you need is your tv + internet provider login info). And if you’re in need of a custom book project yourself, reach out at