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Branded Gifts for Clients – Gifts + ideas from Blue Sky Papers

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Branded Gifts for clients, especially when unexpected, is a great way for you to spoil your best clients and nurture your relationship with them. Business isn’t always about making money, but also about building relationships and serving others. However, when gifting branded gifts for clients you need to have a strategy, a budget and a thoughtful idea to really see the ROI, otherwise, it will be a fruitless effort, money wasted and a client with one more branded koozie in their junk drawer.

Client retention is crucial in a small, but flourishing, sustainable business. Great business practices, products and services along with excellent customer service will help maintain a strong cliental. Giving thoughtful branded gifts to clients will help reinforce their experience with your company and keep them coming back for more.


Tips for buying Branded Gifts for Clients

1. Have a strategy:

First off, why are you buying branded gifts for clients? What is your purpose/motivation behind doing this? Is it the holidays and you feel obligated? Or maybe you’re gifting after the close of a big project, either way, knowing your reasoning behind gifting will help you better understand what you want to give and how much you really want to spend.

Buying gifts for ALL of your clients may not be realistic or necessary, so how will you choose? Invest in your clients, just like you invest in relationships with other people in your life. You have some friends that you would spend a chunk of money on to get a thoughtful gift, and then you have other friends who will just receive a holiday or birthday card in the mail. Same with your clients. You appreciate and want to acknowledge them all, and you can in various unique and thoughtful ways.

Save the bulk of your budget for your most valued clients. The ones that keep returning, the ones who bring in the most work, and the ones who you enjoy and hope to work with more. Having a strategy behind gifting isn’t so you can get something in return, but more so a way for you to show your clients how much you value them, while also staying in-line with your company’s long and short term goals.

  1. 2. Have Budget

 After you know your strategy behind why you are gifting, determine how much money you want to spend. Setting up a budget for client gifts is crucial to making it worthwhile and effective for your business. If you have a new client you love, but only brought in $200 worth of work the past year, it might not be wise for you to invest in a custom made branded gift that would coast you $50+.

Make a list of all the clients you would like to gift to, remember your ‘why’, review the value they bring your business as a client and figure out from there how much your business can afford to spend on each particular client.

3.Be thoughtful and personalize it!

 We all have received our fair share of bad promotional ‘gifts’ from companies before. You know, the cheap logo pens, mouse pads or company koozies. I know how easy and convenient buying such ‘gifts’ in bulk can be, but is it truly effective? This is why your strategy and budget are important. What’s the point of spending X amount of dollars on client gifts, if they aren’t valued by the people you are gifting them to? It’s like spending your client money for them to throw in their junk drawer, or even just throwaway.

Taking the time to think of a thoughtful gift and going the extra mile to get it personalized will surely show your client how much you value them and their business and remind them of your impeccable service/product.

Lastly, don’t wait till the holidays to surprise your clients with a gift. Any time of the year is a great time to show your appreciation, and a thoughtful out-of-the-blue gift is the perfect way to remind your client why they loved working with you!

10 Branded Gift Ideas for Clients

1.Custom Branded Notebook:

This handmade journal is a thoughtful gift from a wedding planner for her clients. Branded with a logo and ‘the story of us’ on the cover makes for a heartfelt gift for newlyweds.


2.Leather Padfolio:

Great for professional clients, and even coaches, this leather padfolio is a thoughtful gift that can be used for years to come. Keeping you and your brand at the front of your clients mind each time they use it.

Branded Gifts for Clients

3.Rustic Leather Luggage Tags: 

Rather a travel agent,  wedding planner planing a destination wedding, or you just know you have a client that loves to travel, these custom made luggage tags are a cute and small gift to adorn their luggage with. Reach out to for a custom design.


4. Custom Emblem Moleskine Journal:

The moleskine journal is a classic and one that your clients will surely love. Make it personal with a custom metal die emblem and name personalization.


5.Leather Refillable Composition Notebook: 

Not just for academia, the composition notebook gets a facelift with this refillable rustic leather cover. Add custom branding and name personalization.


6. Custom Coaster Set: 

Perfect for a scotch loving client, a custom coaster set to remind them of how happy they are doing business with you at each happy hour!


7. Leather Pocket notepad:

A small but useful branded gift for clients, this leather pocket notebook will be one that your clients carry with them on the daily.


8.Leather List Pad:

We originally designed this as a gift for our own clients, this leather list is a sophisticated upgrade to your daily todo list. Design the cover with a custom logo, phrase or name personalization. To order, email: 

9.Leather Keyfob: 

Another small, but useful gift, this leather keyfob with custom initial, name or date personalization is a thoughtful, daily reminder to your clients that hangs on their keyring.


10. Custom photo clutch for photography clients

A unique way for a photographer to present their clients with their photo prints, this custom made clutch is one of a kind and one that they can repurpose! Personalized it with your company logo and clients name/initals or date to make it extra specail! For all custom orders: email: service@blueskypapers.comBranded-gifts-for-clients_blue-sky-papers

Hope this post on branded gifts for clients was helpful, if you have any tips or great gift ideas please share them below! Also, check out this post for more ideas for personalized corporate gifts for clients and employees! 

10 Boss Day Gift Ideas for Her

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Boss Day Gift Ideas for Her to rule the roost with! 10 unique gift finds for the favorite Boss Lady in your life. Boss’s day falls on or around October 16th each year, so mark your calendars and round up your co-workers to get ready for this special day!


  1. 1. Serious Business Travel Mug

The perfect gift for the boss lady that takes herself seriously, but not too serious and (naturally) runs off caffeine. Business ladies got to keep their coffee hot and portable with their busy schedules!


  1. 2. Weekly Jotter:

Your boss babe can plan her weeks out in style and at her own pace with this stylish weekly jotter. This planner comes dateless, allowing her to start this planner anytime of the year and fill out the weeks as she goes.


  1. 3. Cheeky Shirts for casual Friday:

Rather your office does casual Friday’s or not, these cheeky shirts will be appreciated by any biz-babe out there! Your boss lady ‘works hard for her money, (so hard for it, honey. She works hard for her money so you better treat her right!…”) so remind her to shut down that laptop and slip into something comfy.


Shop t-shirts here:  Out of Office // Professional //  Success Story

  1. 4. Leather Business cardholder :

Sleek and minimial, perfect for any business woman who is constantly on-the-go, this leather business card holder will carry her debit card, the company card and a few business cards. And is small enough to fit in any handbag or even her pocket! (And, it can be ~personalized~!)


  1. 5. Desk Plaque:
  2.  Perfect for the Boss with a love for all things Queen Bey, this super professional plaque!  When your boss has the slightest bit of doubt, she’ll look at this plaque and ask herself, what would Bey do?! THEN, she’ll know exactly what she needs todo! (and also be reminded of her favorite employee! *hehe)


  1. 6. Leather Padfolio:
  2. This custom made + personalized padfolio is the best way to carry a traditional legal pad. Add your bosses initals, the company logo, or short phrase to the cover.


  1. 8. Like a Boss Candle:
  2. Set the (boss) mood with this candled and personalize it with sweet note!


  1. 8.Refillable Composition Notebook:
  2. The always in-style composition book with a sleek upgrade. Personalize the cover with the company logo, name or initals, or short phrase to make it the perfect gift for a boss lady!
  3. boss-day-gift-ideas-for-her_blue-sky-papers


  1. 9. ‘I don’t Work Here’ cell phone case:

Perfect for the boss with a sense of hummor the ‘I don’t work here’ cell phone case! Your boss lady will get a good LOL out of this funny gift!


  1. Embossed leather notebook:
  2. Mark. My. Words. your boss will love these cheeky saying journals. Choose from “‘Mark. My. Words. , ‘because i can’, and  ‘let’s do this'”.