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101 Ways to Celebrate the Earth

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

With the 40th Celebration of Earth Day coming up, April 22, let’s count the ways to celebrate the Earth…

Washington, D.C. – The Climate Rally, Earth Day 2010, Sunday, April 25, 2010:  Pushing for a strong Comprehensive Climate Legislation

Marin, California – Earth Day Marin 2010, Saturday, April 24, 2010:  Entertainment, Speakers, Local Food, and Fun

Click here for more ways to celebrate and participate in your area.

Donate to an Online Fundraiser for the Earth

Insulate your Home

Turn OFF Appliances

Purchase Alternative Power Sources, such as Wind, Solar, Water

Turn OFF Water When Not in Use, ie. brushing teeth

Wash only Full Loads of Laundry

Catch Rain in a Rain Barrel

Think Globally

Act Locally

Check Tire Pressure Often

Convert to BioDiesel

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Visit EPA’s Website regularly to stay Current on Environmental Issues

Plant a Tree

Purchase Items that will Last

Switch to Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Plan an Evening at Home

Take Short Showers, Not Baths

Choose Products with Less Toxins

Recycle Electronics

Recycle Motor Oil

Purchase Products with Recyclable Packaging or Products that Use Recycled Packaging

Use Cloth Napkins

Purchase Clothes made from Organic Cotton, Hemp, or Bamboo

Purchase a Composting Toilet or Low-Flow Toilet

Purchase a Water Filter

Know Where your Food Comes From

Visit Local Farms

Use Refillable Pens and Pencils

Fix Leaks

Reuse Glass Containers

Teach the Children



Take Action

Gain Knowledge

Plant a Garden


Eat Less Meat

Host a Speaker for Environmental Issues

Educate others about Local and Organic Living

Buy Organic


Support Sustainable Businesses

Eat Less


Look for Energy Star

Hold a Recycling or Waste Reduction Contest

Eliminate Unnecessary Printing and Photo Copying

Eat More Veggies

Exercise your Body and Mind

Pay Bills Online

Have a Friend for Dinner


Plan a Green Activity with Friends

Paint an Eco-Friendly Mural using Green Supplies


Write an Earth Day Article for your Local Newspaper

Start a Community Garden

Teach about the History of the Environmental Movement

Switch to Candles

Shop Smart – Pay attention to packaging and ingredients, avoid containers/packages that are not reusable or recyclable

Avoid Plastic and Styrofoam

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Bring your own Coffee Mug

Buy and Sell Locally

Videoconference instead of Traveling

Change to CFL Bulbs



Paper, Not Plastic

Bring Your Own Bag


Ride Your Bike

Take the Bus

Clean a road, beach, park


Use Less Water

Turn Thermostat Down

Turn Down Water Heater

Get Crafting with Scraps

Hand Clothes Out to Dry

Use Cold Water for Laundry

Use Microwave instead of Oven

Shop/Run Errands While you are Out

Try NOT Driving One Day a Week

Think About the Future

Act Now

Set up Water System/Irrigation for Garden

Change Air Filter Regularly

Write to Congress

Join the PTA

Organize a Green Happy Hour

Set Up Meeting with a Government Official

Speak at a Public Meeting

Learn about Native Plants and Animals


Check back with us on Thursday, Earth Day, to learn how to be grounded like a tree.

Wild Flowers

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Go for a meditative walk the morning of the wedding and think about a bright and happy future as you pick out bright and happy flowers for your hair, bouquet, and center pieces.  Leave something in their place, such as your love for Mother Earth, fairy dust, or a seed.  Think about where you walk, where you will walk, and who has walked before you.  Pick up some dirt, rub it between your hands, and let it fly as nothing is permanant.  Possibly, except for love.

There are many wild flowers in every neighborhood that will add that perfect local color for the wedding.  Wildflowers are free, colorful, diverse, and they give the bride the sense of home she needs to get through the day.


Send me some photos showing what you did with your flower arrangements.