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Wild Flowers

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Go for a meditative walk the morning of the wedding and think about a bright and happy future as you pick out bright and happy flowers for your hair, bouquet, and center pieces.  Leave something in their place, such as your love for Mother Earth, fairy dust, or a seed.  Think about where you walk, where you will walk, and who has walked before you.  Pick up some dirt, rub it between your hands, and let it fly as nothing is permanant.  Possibly, except for love.

There are many wild flowers in every neighborhood that will add that perfect local color for the wedding.  Wildflowers are free, colorful, diverse, and they give the bride the sense of home she needs to get through the day.


Send me some photos showing what you did with your flower arrangements.

Recycled Paper

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Time to start ordering my wedding invitations.  Recycled paper is a must.  Of The Earth offers the use of custom made recycled paper for a variety of projects.    Check out these seeded invitations.  They are so cute and just the look I am going for.  Which recycled paper are you?cotton_w_flowers_bannercolored_watercolor_bannerwraps_banner