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Wedding Ceremony Booklet + Vow Book DIY

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

We know brides are always looking for ways to save money but simultaneously ways to add a custom touch to their special day. This Wedding Ceremony Booklet and Vow Book DIY is a great way to add a unique element to your wedding day and avoid crumpled papers or an ugly binder at the alter.

We created this Paper Vow Book originally in a smaller version (inspired by our Vow Book) to pass out to brides at events. After a great response, we decided to turn it into an actual product to sell. And today we are going to give you just a few different ideas of how you can DIY it to match your wedding theme.

(If you would like to order a Paper Vow Book now, check out our sister site, ClaireMagnolia )DIY-Wedding-Ceromony-Booklet

This first Vow Book DIY is a messy one, but the results are pretty cool. We used leafs that we had lying around with black acrylic paint to stamp a pattern onto the Paper Vow Book. Below you can see the step by step process of how it works. You will want to practice

FYI: You will want to practice the steps a few times before you go to stamping on your final product. It takes a few tries to get the right consistency of paint + even amounts of pressure and rubbing when stamping.



  • Paint leaf with a thin layer of paint that covers its surface completely.
  • Quickly (acrylic paint dries fast) flip and press painted leaf onto the surface of paper. Place a sheet of paper between your hand and leaf when pressing + rubbing leaf.
  • Practice printing the leaf a few times before doing it on your final product. (see below)
  • Also, experiment with different leaf, florals, and other objects to see what happens!


The watercolor wedding trend is super popular right now and isn’t going anywhere soon. So here is a simple way to add a little extra to your Paper Vow Book, white invites, plain programs or boring envelopes. AND, it is really easily!  All you need is some watercolors (even the cheap kind for kids would do) and the ability to loosen up and have fun!


Steps :

  • take your watercolors and a larger watercolor brush and dip it into the water to get wet.
  • wet your paper with brush strokes, but without paint on it- just water.
  • Dip your wet brush into the watercolor paint you want to use and then brush the paint into the wet spots on your paper.
  • Move the paint around with your brush and experiment with different marks, drips and splashes you can make with your brush and paints.
  • Like before, practice your painting on a separate piece of paper first, before on your final product.
    • tip* : if something is printed in ink that ISN’T waterproof it will smear if you paint over it with paints.


Lastly, the gold leaf DIY. This one is by far the hardest/messiest one to do- but it is still pretty simple with the right materials. And I got so wrapped up in doing this one, there aren’t pictures of the steps, but they are still listed below.


  • You need to buy sizing– this is the adhesive that will stick to the foil. You paint it onto your surface and let it dry till its tacky.
  • Once sizing is dried you will apply a sheet of gold foil and GENTLY rub. You will see that the foil will stick wherever the sizing has dried and just rub away where it is not. This step is very tricky so you will need to practice!
    • tip*: you need to find the perfect consistency when applying the sizing. Not too thick, not too thin.



I really love how all three turned out and I am having a hard time trying to choose which one I like best, what about you? What other ideas do you have for customizing one of these Vow Books? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


Gift Guide for Her

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


Here are some ideas for gifts for the special lady in your life, whether she be your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandmother, sister or friend.  Check out these featured items below – or see a whole laundry list by clicking here.

Leather & Suede iPad Envelopes

Leather & Suede iPad Envelopes – $138

Leather Brush Cases

Leather Brush Cases – $56

Vogue Covers Coffee Table Book

Vogue Covers Coffee Table Book – $89