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Wedding Invitation Keepsake Book

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Wedding Invitation Keepsake Books are a hot new trend in weddings this season. They are great for styling your photos, as well as, preserving and displaying your wedding invitation in a unique way.

Trends come and go with each season, and will naturally evolve over time. However, here at Blue Sky Papers and ClaireMagonlia (our sister brand) we are committed to creating timeless products. Like, journals, albums, vow books and more to serve as family heirlooms, to be passed down from one generation to the next. Standing the test of time and its endless changing trends.

The wedding industry is always recycling old fads, as well as creating new ones with each wedding season. One trend we have noticed this season is the rise of the Wedding Invitation Keepsake Book.Wedding-Invitation-Keepsake

Couples are using custom invitation books to complete their wedding suites to send out to each of their guest. We have been working with invitation/stationery studios to create seamless designs that flows with the over all esthetic of the weddings for each of our couples.

We offer a variety of fabrics, ribbons and colors for customization for our brides to choose from. As well as, the options for personalization and custom foil embossing on each invitation book.

Below are a few of our recent Wedding Invitation Keepsake Book designs from this year. Like we mentioned, all of these designs are custom made, and made to order. If a custom Wedding Invitation Keepsake Book is something that you are interested in for your own wedding or client, please reach out to us for more information on our designs and process. Email us at : tag line :: Custom Project or custom Wedding Invitation Keepsake Book!Wedding-Invitation-Keepsake

[ Sea satin silk cover // lined with navy paper // custom dye gold foil embossing // invitation mounted on the inside]


[ custom dye with blind embossing // rustic leather cover with center leather cord // wedding invitation + weekend itinerary sewn in ]


[ grey velvet cover // blind embossment // dark green paper lining //invitation mounted on the inside ]


[ natural linen cover // custom dye gold foil embossment // soft pink ribbon ties // invitation mounted on the inside]


[grey linen cover // custom dye with copper foil embossment // ribbon corners with pocket for invitation]


[saddle leather cover with white silk ribbon ties // custom dye with gold foil embossment // invitation mounted on the inside with side pocket]


[dark grey linen cover // custom dye with gold foil embossment // purple velvet ribbon tabs // invitation mounted on the inside]


Wedding Card Keepsake Ideas

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

If you’re in search of Wedding Card Keepsake Ideas then keep reading, because in this post we’re sharing with you 4 creative ways to save your wedding cards.


Once you get engaged you will begin to receive card after card of congratulations, warm wishes and love. And by the time your wedding day has come and gone you will have quite the card collection. If you’re the sentimental type you’ll want to save these, as tossing these thoughtful notes from loved ones just doesn’t seem right.

Below are 4 different wedding card keepsake Ideas to help you create something you’ll treasure forever!

Binder wedding Card Keepsake


Using a binder is an easy and creative way to store your wedding cards. You can start saving them from the moment your get engaged and cards start pouring in through the mail. All you need is a small 3 ring binder and a hole puncher.  (You will either need a hole puncher where you can adjust the holes or use a single hole puncher.

We suggest buying a 9.25″ x 8.5″ size binder for your Wedding Card Keepsake Book. You can get a binder made to match your wedding colors and/or album + guest book


Unique Box for Wedding Card Storage

The recipe for love is written in each of those cards from your favorite people in the world. Save wedding cards in a recipe box or a unique vintage box as a creative solution to keeping those sweet thoughts on display and easy to pullout and reminisce over.

Shop our wodden recipe box and the floral recipe box one!



Custom Wedding Card Keepsake Album

Using a post bound photo album is another easy, yet great way for saving Wedding Cards. Using a post bound album you can always add more pages if you need.

You can have an album custom made and embossed to go with your wedding theme, photo album, guest book and vow book, etc. The only other thing you will need is double sided tape to use on the back of your cards to secure it to the page. If you choose an album with a photo frame on the front, you can use this spot to insert YOUR wedding invite or favorite card that you received.


Reuse + Recycled : Wedding Card College Art

If you aren’t sentimental enough to save each and every card but would like a small moment, consider creating a framed college of the cards. You do not have to be an artist to create something beautiful to display in your home. Keep it simple. Use straight lines, or a paper puncher to cut out simple shapes (i.e.: circle, heart, etc.).



I printed out an outline of Atlanta (city where we we’re wed) and then cut the cards into skinny rectangles.  Then, carefully arranged the slices to align with the cityscape. Once everything was lined up, I used a glue stick to secure it all, added our name + wedding date in my hand writing and put it in this wooden frame and viola! Art 🙂