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Party Tips and Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party and FREE Checklist download

Friday, May 12th, 2017


Planning any party can be overwhelming. With so many details and things to coordinate it can be hard to know where to start. When it comes to planning a graduation party, parents often feel pressure to ‘get it right’ and throw a “cool” party for their graduate. Today, we’re sharing our Party Tips and Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party with a FREE Graduation Party Checklist to download!


Tips for Planning a Graduation Party:

  1. A theme. When planning any fun shindig, my first and biggest suggestion is to choose a theme and RUN with it! (The Alision Show is the master of coming up with a party theme.) When it comes to party planning, more-is-more and that means MORE FUN! So really go ALL out with your theme and incorporate it into everything- from foods, cups, décor, games, invitations, thank you notes, etc.  (See below for Ideas for your Graduation Party Theme.)
  1. Games and/or entertainment are a must! I’m not talking old school board games either. Remember, is the generation that grew up with technology for entertainment, so it may take you getting creative to captivate this crowd. This will depend largely on your budget (which we will talk about next) but there are still plenty of ways to have fun + entertainment even with a small budget. If hiring a DJ or band aren’t realistic options for you (that’s OKAY), start brainstorming + searching for ideas centered around your THEME J For instance,


  1. Budget! What’s most important to you and the Graduate for this party? Is it the décor, the invites, a photo booth, entertainment, venue, swag bags, food, etc. Prioritize this list, and that will help you figure out where to spend your money. Things that fall lower on the list, get less of the budget. This will also help with other logistics. For example, maybe food is the last on your list- and that’s okay to not want to spend a lot of money on food. Just don’t plan your party around lunch or dinner, do it in the in between times and only offer light snacks + refreshments. ( I also suggest making this clear on your guest as well. Starting on the invite something like ‘lunch will be served at 12:30’ or ‘Cake + Ice Cream + refreshments will be served’)


  1. Have a plan for the guests once they arrive. This kind of goes back to games and entertainment. Being the first to a party can be awkward, and even when you aren’t the first, if the party isn’t well planned out your guest will be sitting around awkwardly or standing like a wallflower waiting to see what they’re supposed to do. As folks arrive, make it clear enough that they can figure out what to do when they arrive. Come up with something easy, yet fun to make a great ice-breaker too. This is where a ‘photobooth’ wall setup will come in handy. Set up a backdrop and props, have guest snap a picture with a polaroid camera and put it in + sign the guestbook for the event. You can also ask the guest to include their favorite memory with the grad! (psst!: this is also a great spot to leave a box for any cards the graduate may receive as gifts).


  1. Decorate! It would be hard to have a great theme without any décor, but don’t stress (or break the bank) with your party decorations. Get creative, and be resourceful! Create a Photobooth backdrop that fits in with the theme. Have the Photobooth props also be a part of the theme and it will also serve as décor. Also, choose games & entertainment that fits in with the party theme. Doing little, but simple things will go a long way. Like, changing the water bottle labels to match the décor and putting those out on the table will serve a function (drinkable) and fashion (party décor). Two birds, one stone!

Graduation Party Ideas :


  • Theme : Cooking/chef party! Instead of a stock the bar party, host a stock the dorm party! Have guest bring kitchen + household staples to stock the graduate’s dorm room and pantry for the first semester! Set up a ‘Recipe for success’ sign and have guest fill out tips for success that they have learned in life, so far. This is a cute alternative to a guestbook and a charming little recipe box for the grad to display in their new home away from home.
  • Theme : Adventure – Oh the places you will go book + Pong game. “Oh The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Suess is one of the most popular gifts out there for graduates and makes for a great, yet cheesy theme for a graduation party. Now, you don’t want this to look kid-ish so lean more into the adventurous side of it.
  • Theme: Golden Grad Party with all things gold! Like these 2017 Gold balloon numbers that make for a great Photobooth backdrop and decor

Other Fun Graduation Party Ideas:

  • Sh*t just got real cupcakes:  and a poo emoji pool float (if it’s not a pool party, you can use it as a prop for a Photobooth set up.
  • A trip down memory lane: Print out a pic. From each year of your student’s life. Have guest write down their favorite memory with the grad…. Then save memories in a photo album alongside pictures of friends
  • Come up with a custom hashtag for the party for everyone to share their pics
  • Create a ‘One Smart Cookie’ dessert/cookie bar
  • Buy white napkins and roll them up into little ‘diplomas’ with a ribbon (matching the décor)


Meaningful (and Practical) Gifts for College Students

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

College is a right of passage for a lot of us and once we’ve long since graduated, it’s no wonder we get a little nostalgic as our own children head off to university and learn to experience those days of living off ramen noodles, pulling all-nighters, and professors with insatiable appetites for exams.

So whether  you’re planning on sending them a care package for their first semester away from home or searching for the perfect keepsake to congratulate them as they wrap up their final year before heading into the professional world, we’ve got some wonderful gifts for college students that will help them feel professional, encouraged, and loved.

Meaningful gifts for college students and young professionals


If the student you’re thinking of is always in need of supplies, why not equip them with a quality, handmade sketchbook or portfolio? Not only will it be a personal item they’ll love, but an impressive, handheld resource to take with them on job interviews.

Meaningful Gifts for College Students & Young Professionals - personalized sketchbooks and portfolios

The Leather Portfolio Book

We took the versatile post-bound album concept and turned it into this rustic portfolio book. Use the plain paper pages that are included or change them out for standard 8.5×11 clear plastic sleeves. The brass posts make it easy to add, remove, and rearrange pages. Great for students  putting together a writing portfolio or photographers needing to store prints and negatives from the dark room. Starts at $96.

Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

Who doesn’t love Moleskine? This watercolor sketchbook can be personalized, making this an incredibly practical gift with just the right amount of sentiment. The paper is great for holding watercolor paints and can be used in the horizontal or vertical orientation. This art book come with the signature Moleskine back pocket and elastic closure. $40.

The Leather Artisan

One of our most versatile designs, the leather artisan is a photo album, sketchbook, and art journal all in one. It holds dimensional items, great for students who love to journal their college years with mementos and photographs. The leather artisan album is made with Italian watercolor paper with deckle edges, giving the book an artistic feel while still remaining practical for artists. Starts at $129.

It almost seems inevitable that college will spark ideas worthy of writing down. If you’re looking for something truly personal and special for the studious wordsmith in your life, our handmade leather journals make great gifts!

Gifts for College Students - personalized, handmade journals - by

Leather Rustic Journal

Our classic leather rustic design in journal form. This little journal is great for men or women, can be personalized, and comes with lined pages. Great for those who need a place to record their latest and greatest ideas.

Pocket Constellation Journal

Our constellation journal makes an incredibly personalized gift. Perfect for writers or artists who need something to help keep track of their latest inspirations while on the go. If you know the zodiac sign of the person you want to gift this journal to, have it punched into the charcoal leather cover! In case you want additional personalization, you can opt to have their name or other wording debossed on the cover as well.  Available as a large sketchbook as well.  Starts at $68.

Envelope Portfolio Clutch

Styled to resemble an envelope clutch, this leather keepsake is actually a leather bound book with blank pages. Great for design students who need something polished and professional for their sketches. $88.


Gifts for College Students - journals and sketchbooks by

Professional Italian Leather Journals

We can picture your favorite Physics grad student scribbling away in one of these professional journals. With the soft, buttery leather cover inspired by eras gone by, he’ll be channeling his inner Einstein as he drafts out his latest theories and findings. $56.

Christian Lacroix Notebooks

Offered in a variety of sizes, these luxe journals are a delightfully glamorous spin on the moleskine journals we all love. Starts at $18.

Italian Leather Large Sketchbook

We all know the college student funds are often low, so why not spoil your favorite art student with this classic and luxurious Italian leather sketchbook.  Hardbound in rich, brown Italian leather and filled with Italian watercolor paper, this sketchbook makes a lovely graduation gift. $208.00