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British Royal Wedding with an American Actress – A Real Life Fairytale

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

A British Royal Wedding is happening this weekend and it sounds like something that is straight from the cinemas. Prince Harry is marrying American actress, Meghan Markel on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. The Wedding will begin mid-day at 12pm and will be televised across the world, with all eyes on Harry and Meghan.

With the TV coverage beginning around 4 am here in the United States, we will be catching all the royal action from our couch. You will be able to tune in and watch the wedding on all the major networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, HBO, and you can even watch it at the movies, at over 200 cinema locations across the US.

We are ROYALLY excited about these nuptials and can’t help but daydream about all the intricate details that go into planning a British Royal Wedding.


We pride ourselves in our traditional, old world techniques in bookbinding and find it highly interesting (and appropriate) that Her Majesty the Queen has appointed an official bookbinder for the Royal family. This bookbinder over sees all of the official binding needs for the family. And while we may not be the official bookbinder for Her Majesty the Queen (it’s proper to always address her this way) we can pretend that we are!

With this being a British Royal Wedding, we imagine every last detail to be elaborate and purposefully chosen for this day. With each detail being documented and looked over for centuries to come, taking the word ‘heirloom’ to a whole new degree.


If we were the offical bookbindery for the royal family, we would make Prince Harry and Meghan a custom made wedding program holder, blind de-bossed with their royal family crest adorning the cover. Along with, matching ‘His and Her’ vow books in a vintage crushed velvet to house thier precious vows to one another.  A set that is truly fit for royalty!


Keeping with the sophisticated crushed velvet, we would make the Prince and his bride a matching wedding photo album for all their favorite snaps from the day. Again, adorned with the royal family crest and personalized with their names or initals.


While the public doesn’t get much access to the British Royal Wedding receptions, Prince Harry and Meghan would want a guest book for their reception. An offical log of all their personal guest, filled with sweet messages from the ones the know and love, and got to share the royal day with.

The Velvet Trend and Wedding Day Accents

Monday, April 30th, 2018

The velvet trend is everywhere and seemingly, isn’t going anywhere this year or wedding season. From the fashion runways, to home décor and everywhere in between, velvet isn’t just a fabric reserved for the holidays or the inside of your jewelry box anymore.

While the velvet trend may seem like it has come into recent popularity, it is actually a timeless fabric that has been associated with nobility for centuries. With its shimmer to the eye and soft-to-the-touch feel, velvet will add a bit of luxury to your everyday life.


At Blue Sky Papers, our goal is to create books that have a timeless and traditional feel to them, for you to pass down as family heirlooms for generations to come. Including a velvet book in your wedding will add a touch of nobility to the day, while maintaining its elegance throughout the years. We offer a variety of velvet books and velvet ribbon embellishments for you to choose from.

Velvet Vow Books


Our velvet vow books have become a customer favorite over the past couple of years. This beautiful velvet keepsake is available in 5 different velvety hues, and ready for you to personalize with your names, wedding date or custom emblem.

Velvet Wedding Photo Albums 


A velvet wedding photo album is a beautiful keepsake to include in your wedding. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, this handmade archival album is top quality to preserve and protect your memories.

Vintage Velvet Beaded Album


Our vintage velvet album screams romance and royalty, perfect for a vintage or royal-inspired wedding. With its beaded, magnatic closure, it will safely store your precious memories from the best day of your life.

Velvet Ribbon Laced Album


The velvet ribbon laced album has a unique design with it’s velvety soft touch, exposed ribbon bindding and black pages. While it makes for a beautiful wedding album, it is perfectly suited as a boudoir album to gift to your honey!

Velvet Wedding Guest Book 


Impress your guest with a luxurious velvet wedding guest book. Available in two designs, with or without the photo frame and four different hues.

Velvet Panoramic Guest books


The panoramic guest book is a customer and staff favorite. It is cute in stature, but makes a statement. A unqiue departure from our traditional guest book design, the panoramic guest book  is slender in size, available with lined or blank pages and comes in 5 velvet hues.

Small Velvet Guest Books


Another petite designed guest book, this small velvet guest book is available in 7 different colors and made with 100% recylced paper.

Velvet Artisan Wedding Album or Guest Book


With it’s soft sheen the velvet artisan is perfect for the sophisticated bride looking to bring a vintage touch to her wedding day. It is handmade, and lays completly flat when opened. Great for a guest book, or wedding album and avaiable in 4 velvet hues.