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DIY Valentines Day Gift with the Leather Love Journal

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

DIY Valentines Day Gift are the best because they are made with love and come straight from the heart! It is also a cheap gift alternative to an otherwise made up holiday! I sound like I don’t like Valentines Day, but it’s the opposite, I love- LOVE and Valentiens day. BUT I do think it should be a bit more simple. Like, how it was when we were kids. We handmade thoughtful little glitter hearts for all of our little friends and the teachers we loved at school.


My husband and I both have birthdays near Valentines Day, so we usually opt for a chill night in (our tradition is to make a heart shaped pizza) and either skip presents all together or DIY Valentines Day Gift for one another. This year we are going on a big trip for our birthday, so we are forsure DIYing it this Valentines day.


I thought it would be cute to use the ClaireMagnolia leather Love Journal to take a trip down memory lane and write out our “love story”.  Accompaning each story/memory with pictures I printed out on my polariod printer. The longest part to this DIY was finding the pictures and printing them out. I used colored photo corners to easily secure the pictures in place and wrote a little memory on the oposite page.

This journal is small, but big enough that I have plenty of room to continue to add to our love story through out the years. The love journal comes with the foiled emboss heart already, but you can of course add personalization to it too, intials would be cute!

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – Everything You Need to Know + DIY Leather Eclipse Wall Hanging

Monday, August 7th, 2017

A Total Solar Eclipse is happening on August 21, 2017 across the continental United States. It is an astronomical event of a lifetime that you don’t want to miss. (This will be the first Total Solar Eclipse visible in the United Stated in 99 years!)

Keep reading to get all the important details about when, where and how.

Also, we are sharing with you how to create a (super easy) leather wall hanging inspired by the solar eclipse.


Even if you are just now hearing about the eclipse, there is still time to prepare for this event. Here is everything you need to know.

What is a total solar eclipse?

Not to be confused with the song by Bonnie Miller “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, a total solar eclipse is when the moon is passing between the earth and the sun. The moon, blocking our view of the sun, will cause the sky to darken and the temperature to drop.

How long will the solar eclipse last?

A total solar eclipse will only last for a few minutes, if that. It also depends on your location on the path of totality as to how long exactly you will experience darkness. In short, don’t blink- you might miss it! (okay, it wont happen that fast, but don’t find yourself stuck in the restroom during that time frame!)

When and where is the solar eclipse happening?

 At approximately 2:49pm eastern standard time on August 21, 2017 you will be able to view the total solar eclipse across a ban of the United States. The path of the solar eclipse is called ‘the Path of Totality’. It stretches across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North + South Carolina and Georgia.

However, just because your state is listed, it does not mean that it will be visible from your exact location. Check out these maps of the path of totality in each state. Even if you aren’t directly in its path, you can still experience a partial eclipse and notice the sky darker than normal at that time.

And if you’re so far from the path of totality (or stuck at work -it’s a Monday), and wont get to experience the real thing at all, we suggest making the pretty solar eclipse wall hanging (below) to stare at instead!


What else do you need to  know about the Total Solar Eclipse?

The last thing you need to know is that you need to make sure you purchase a pair of CE + ISO certified safe shades for direct sun viewing.

Obviously, you should never stare directly into the sun, and this event is no expection. You will need to have protective eye ware with lenses that will filter out enough light so that the sun does not burn your retinas. Regular sunglasses will not do the job. Amazon has a large selection of glasses for you to choose from at very reasonable prices.


DIY Solar Eclipse Wall Hanging :

 To create a solar eclipse wall hanging you will only need a few supplies and about 20 minutes. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create your own wall hanging inspired by the solar eclipse!Total-Solar-Eclipse

Supplies :

  • scrap leather
  • leather scissors
  • wire or string
  • stick or wooden dowel
  • leather whole puncher
  • eclipse phase print out

Step 1: Total-Solar-Eclipse_Blue-Sky-Papers.


Step 2: Trace phases onto scrap leather

Step 3: Use leather scissors or x-acto knife to cut out the leather eclipse shapes.


Step 4: Punch wholes into the leather shapes (you will need a leather whole puncher for this). Follow the guides from the solar eclipse print out to know where to punch the wholes.


Step 5: Attach + hang leather pieces together by using wire or sting. Attach each of the pieces together, spacing out evenly and attaching to a stick or wooden dowel at the top.


There you do, you’re done! So even if you wont be able to experience the real solar eclipse, at least you can see this beauty hanging on your wall!

AND, don’t forget to record this experience in your leather constellation art journal!